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Chapter 880: 880

The old man nodded, turned to enter the room and reported to the people inside .

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Meanwhile, other people who came earlier also noticed and reported to their masters . Therefore, before the start of the convention, someone came to knock on the door and wanted to visit . Unfortunately, Feng Jiu didn’t even give them a chance to enter the room .

Sitting in the room, eating and drinking tea . After making one round in the room, she finally lay down on a soft couch, looking at the people below through a slit window . When her eyes fell on the immortal-like figure walking up to the Alchemy Appraisal Platform, Mo Chen seemed to notice and looked in her direction .

With just at a glance, he moved away lightly . However, when he saw the position of the room, surprise flashed in his eyes . He expected that she would come, but he didn’t expect that she was Ghost Doctor .

But he was relieved when he thought of her medical expertise .

As the host started to identify the pills, people continuously submitted the pills for appraisal and evaluation . Looking at the following identification of the pills, Leng Hua couldn’t help looking at Feng Jiu .

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“Master, it seems our medicinal pill hasn’t been presented yet . ”

“Don’t worry, watch first! After that is the play . ” Her lips curved in a smile . She looked at the appraisal below in a calm and collected manner .

About an hour later, there was only one pill left for the evaluation, so the host asked loudly if there’s still someone to compare his medicinal pill with this fourth-rank vitality pill?

It’s quiet in the great hall because the people inside the hall already had their pills appraised . Therefore, the last pill had the highest rank and the best image .

“There is . ”

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The voice came from the Sky Rank Number room . When hearing the voice, the owner of the fourth-rank vitality pill felt anxious . Even though he knew that the convention would not be so simple, he couldn’t help but look forward to it .

You know, this was the chance to be famous!

As long as he showed his face here, he would become famous all over the world . His status would rise with the tide . Even some powerful cultivators had to treat him with courtesy .

However, he knew that in addition to various countries’ alchemists and forces, there was also Ghost Doctor who had recently become famous all over the country . This Ghost Doctor was both admirable and hateful .

They respected his excellent medical expertise . A person of great talent who could concoct potions as well as refine pills .

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They hated a person like him because he robbed them of fame and broke their chance to stand out .

The guard of the Sky Rank number room came forward with a tray and put the pill on the tray on the appreciation platform . “This is the fourth-rank condensate pill . ” Then, he stepped back .

The judge looked at them one by one . After the comparison, he whispered a few words . Finally, the fourth-rank Vitality pill was compared . Then, the people in the room with the Chinese character took out the pills for competition . Some of them made a comparison, and some of them took out better ones . It took them two hours .

The people inside the Sky Rank number 9 room had all taken the pills to be assessed and competed . Even the black market from the first-grade countries had taken the pills . At this time, the Sky Rank number one room was still quiet with no movement at all .

Perhaps Ghost Doctor saw the medicinal pill’s level too high and retreated?

For a moment, people started questioning within their minds . Until, after several fierce competitions, the Shangguan family from the first-grade country took the first place with a fifth-rank pill .

At the same time, the door of Sky Rank number one room opened…

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