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Published at 30th of January 2020 06:16:53 AM
Chapter 881

Chapter 881: Young Master Mo Chen, what’s your view?

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“Sky Rank number one room presents a Five-Elements Pill for the competition!”

After looking at the information at hand, the middle-aged (male) host’s voice got louder with excitement . As if fearing the people around wouldn’t be able to hear it, his voice also contained spirit energy breath . So, when he spoke, it could be clearly heard by the thousands of people around .

“Five-Elements Pill? What kind of medicinal pill is this? I’ve never heard about it before!”

“What Five-Elements Pill? Why hasn’t this medicinal pill’s rank been announced?”

“I refined medicinal pills for so long, yet I haven’t heard about Five-Elements Pill . ”

“Isn’t the Sky Rank Number One room the Ghost Doctor’s? So, Ghost Doctor really came?”

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“The pill taken out by Ghost Doctor is definitely not a simple one . ”

“Right . His works, from potions to Nourishing Beauty Pill, none of them are ordinary . Moreover, it is said that all his things have marks and no one else can forge those . ”

“What is the effect of the Five-Elements Pill? Nothing has been heard of this pill before . ”

For a time, there was a constant discussion . People speculated what kind of pill this Five-Elements Pill was . What kind of person was that Ghost Doctor? Some stared at the platform while some stared at Sky Rank Number One room . The atmosphere was filled with more anticipation after this room presented the pill .

Compared with other people’s perplexity, several pill judges’ expressions moved slightly with surprise flashed in their eyes .

Especially when the Shangguan family’s Third Elder looked at the woman in black who presented the pill, he was even more surprised . That young man in red? The one named Feng Jiu? Was he the ghost doctor?

Leng Shuang put the pill on the platform . “This is the Five-Elements Pill . Taking this one pill, ordinary people without spiritual roots will have their spiritual roots grown . ” Having said this, she backed away .

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The whole Hall erupted once they heard her words – people without spiritual roots would grow their spiritual roots with the pill .

“Did I hear this correctly? Those without spiritual roots can have them developed?”

“This…is this real or bogus? Isn’t this too heaven-defying?”

“I had no idea that people without spiritual roots have a chance to cultivate! If her words are true, the value of this pill is really amazing . ”

“Correct, this pill can transform one’s life . ”

“It’s defying nature . ”

The crowd had a lively discussion . The whole scene was as bustling as the vegetable market . Any elegant conduct and calm were forgotten .

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Even the people inside the Sky Rank Number rooms were shocked and stood up one after another .

Was there such a pill that defies nature in this world?

During the discussion, several Alchemy judges on the platform were not idle . One person who had evaluated pushed it to another person . They held a pair of pliers and examined the pill, looking at it from all angles from colour to smell to pill grain .

“Young Master Mo Chen, what’s your view?” The Shangguan family’s Third Elder asked the white robed Mo Chen who stood beside him with a soft voice .

When others heard this, their eyes also fell on them .

“I’ve heard of the Five-Element Pill . It’s an ancient pill, but it has been lost for many years . I just didn’t expect to see a Five-Element Pill today . ”

Mo Chen spoke slowly, looking at the pill placed in the jade plate . “Although this Five-Element Pill is only a third-rank pill, it belongs to the first-grade whether in colour, grain or fragrance . Moreover, it has a far greater worth compared to other pills nowadays . ”

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