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Chapter 877: 877

Feng Jiu was surprised . “How come I didn’t know about it?”

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She was not aware of this matter at all . Unexpectedly, there were people spread the news early . Who knew that she was coming to the meeting? Although she came here, she did not intend to appear using the identity of Ghost Doctor . Now, to her surprise, there’s news that Ghost Doctor would participate?

“So, people came not so much for the Alchemy Convention, but for Ghost Doctor . Especially after Ghost Doctor’s recent Nourishing Beauty Pill was auctioned off at the Green Gallop Country’s Black Market at a high price, the interest of all parties in Ghost Doctor has increased . ”

Hearing this, she couldn’t help but smile . “Even they know about the Nourishing Beauty Pill here? Who finally took the Nourishing Beauty Pill? ”

“It’s a princess of the first-grade country’s royal family . After she took it, she dedicated the pill to her mother, an imperial concubine . It’s said that the concubine was neglected and not favoured, but after she took the Nourishing Beauty Pill, her face was as beautiful and charming as a young girl . At that time, she was unparalleled and she received the country ruler’s doting again . Now women all over the world are staring at this pill, and they are asking about the whereabouts of Ghost Doctor . They looked for him at the Black Market . However, the Black Market was very secretive about the identity of Ghost Doctor . ”

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“I didn’t expect that even though that pill was auctioned in the sixth-grade country, the Black Market Chief had the ability to get the news reach the first-grade country and make its reputation known . This efficiency is really good . ” She smiled . She thought that this was not the place to talk, so she intended to pay for the tea again and go back to the inn with them .

“Young Master, you don’t have to pay anymore . It was enough . The couple who owned the stall hurriedly stopped her when they saw her about to pay .

Feng Jiu smiled and threw a silver coin . “This money is for the tea, take it!” As soon as she spoke, she took them back to the inn .

After returning to the inn, the two people told her all the information they had inquired about . At last, Leng Hua reported, “Mistress, the man who ordered the room should be Young Master Mo Chen . When we passed The First Inn on our way back from making inquiries, we heard the innkeeper talked about it . ”

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“Mm, it should be him . He told me about the convention here . At that time, I didn’t accept his invitation to journey together . I assume he still guessed that I would come . ”

She smiled, thinking this Mo Chen was really very strange . She was treated differently because of those words? However, she always felt that those things that he said were unclear and there were some parts that were retained . It seemed there was something that she didn’t know about .

Leng Hua couldn’t help but ask, “Master, in what capacity will you attend the Alchemy Convention?”

“It’s alright to use Feng Jiu’s identity .  As for the Ghost Doctor, haha, let them look forward to it!”

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Her eyes moved, dark light flashed across the depth of her eyes . She told the two of them, “Before the Alchemy Convention, you should go out less, just cultivate inside the room more! There are all types of people in this place so that it’s easy to have an accident . ”

“Yes . ”

Having arranged all that they needed, they didn’t need to go out much these days . Moreover, after inquiring for the news today, they found out that there were truly so many people from other countries . Also, those from the first and second-grade countries were too arrogant that none dared to provoke them . Their actions of punishing people happened frequently everywhere .

“Knock knock . ”

At this time, a knocking sound was heard from outside the room . When they heard the sound, they looked at each other . Feng Jiu motioned and Leng Hua stepped forward and asked at the inner door .


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