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Chapter 878: 878

“Is Young Master Feng inside? Du Mou is paying a visit . ”

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The voice from outside sounded like a middle-aged man . Leng Hua looked back at Feng Jiu . When he saw her nod, he opened the door . As soon as the door opened, she saw three people standing outside: a middle-aged man and two old people .

“Who are you?” Leng Hua asked, standing by the door .

“We are the Black Market people . ” The middle-aged man replied, looking inside somewhat excitedly .

Hearing that it was the Black Market, Leng Hua was stunned . Right away, he heard his Mistress’ voice from inside .

“Let them in . ”

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“Please come in . ” Leng Hua moved to the side, inviting the three men to come inside . At this time, Leng Shuang left the room and stood guard outside .

Leng Hua followed those three people inside and came to stand behind his Mistress .

“Young Master Feng, I am the Black Market Chief, surnamed Du . These two are Black Market elders . When we learned that Young Master Feng is here, we especially pay a visit . ” The middle-aged man cupped his fists in greeting the young man at the table .

“After knowing that I’m here?” Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows, looking at the three men . “Do you know who I am?”

When the three of them heard this, their eyes flashed slightly . , “Young Master Feng is the one who possesses our Black Market’s Black Command . Anyone who is at the top of the Black Market knows the identity of Young Master Feng . ”

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“Since you know, don’t you know that there are many eyes are staring at me? Are you here to cause me trouble?” Her voice was cold with a trace of displeasure in her face .

Hearing this, the three hurriedly said, “We don’t dare to make trouble for you . We are here to avoid the public’s eyes and ears . Don’t worry, Young Master . No one will notice . But today, we are here to give a report besides visiting Young Master . ”

Feng Jiu glanced at them . “Speak . ”

“Recently, because of the Nourishing Beauty Pill was auctioned at a sky-high price, it attracted the attention of everyone . Many forces have been asking about the whereabouts of Ghost Doctor . Because Ghost Doctor once took off his mask in the Green Gallop Country, many people have seen his appearance . As we know, some forces already have the portrait of Ghost Doctor in their hands . ”

Hearing this, she tapped the table gently, making a knocking sound . She casually asked, “That is to say, my identity has been exposed and can’t be covered up?”

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After all, when she took off the mask there, she had thought that such a scene would happen . However, the power of the Black Market was good enough to keep the news under wraps for so long .

“Yes, there are people from the first-grade countries who are involved in the investigation . This matter can’t be kept a secret for long . ”

“Mm, exposure doesn’t matter . It’s alright as long as the Black Market makes sure that no one dares to touch my country . ” Her eyes were fixed on the Black Market Chief .

Hearing this, the Black Market Chief replied with a smile . “Be at ease, Young Master Feng . There are forces of the black market guarding you . Even the first-grade countries won’t dare to offend easily . ”

Feng Jiu glanced at the three of them . “Where did the news that Ghost Doctor is going to attend the Alchemy Convention come from?”

“The news didn’t come from the Black Market . We are also investigating, but it is very likely that it was spread by the Yi Country’s royal family . ”

“If it wasn’t for the news that Ghost Doctor is going to attend the convention, there would not be so many people from all over the world coming here . The one who benefits most fromwould be Yi Country . So, there was no reason to doubt that they released the news . ”

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