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Published at 13th of January 2020 02:40:51 PM
Chapter 847

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Ren Xiang laughed and spoke with some banter in his eyes . "Master, I'm really unable to tell that you can spoil a woman, ah! However, although there are nine years left in your ten-year agreement, there are many excellent men around Ghost Doctor . Hasn't recently Mo Chen appeared? That's the Old Man Sky Master's disciple . "

Hearing this, the light in his eyes flashed . "Do you know why he accepted Feng Jiu?"

"I guess it's related to divination calculated by the Old Man Sky Master!"

"Do you mean that divination about 'The Phoenix star appears, and an extraordinary soul enters the world'?" He asked, his voice fell and his eyes narrowed . "So, Feng Jiu . . . "

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"Mm . It seems that it's her, but fortunately, the families and forces of the Eight Supreme Empires are still clueless about it . If they do, I'm afraid she's in an even more dangerous situation . "

No one would let a person like that grow up and threaten everyone . If they knew that the person divined by the Old Man Sky Master was the Phoenix Empire's princess, perhaps the whole Phoenix Empire would be destroyed by the above forces .

Hearing this, he was silent for a long time . "At that time, I will tell her to go to the Empire and be disguised in men's clothes . Don't expose her female identity . Those people would never have thought that the Phoenix star would appear in the bottom of ninth-grade countries . For the moment, she is still safe . "

Even if it was not safe, he would clear the obstacles for her and removed all possible dangers!

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"Go back! Don't return if it's not important . She's very alert . Don't let her find out . "

Hearing this, Ren Xiang told him with a smile, "Master is here, and I'm also staying in the city now . If there's something, I can take care of it . However, she's familiar with me . It wouldn't do any good to see me here . At best, she'd think it was Master who wanted me to take care of her . "

He paused a bit . "It's almost dawn, so I'll go back . If Master has any matter to seek me, send a signal directly . "

"Mm . " He nodded and looked at him as he left .

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When he got to the palace bedroom, he saw the woman sleeping on the bed . He bent down and kissed her forehead . Then he snuggled up to her and hugged her to sleep .

When she woke up the next morning, looking at the little guy sleeping by her side, surprise flashed in Feng Jiu's eyes . She slept really deep last night . How could she even sleep until dawn? Could it be that she was too tired?

Seeing that he was still sleeping, she washed first and then went out . She planned to visit her grandmother and her new uncle . Therefore, she did not know that although Little Hell's Lord was sleeping, his internal strength was flowing rapidly .

"Feng girl, your grandmother is awake . I wanted to send someone to tell you, but you're already here . " The Old Patriarch's face was joyful . His whole being was brimming with happiness . At this time, he was sitting on the bedside giving Su Xi some chicken soup .

"Grandmother, are you alright?" Feng Jiu looked up and saw that although her face was haggard, the vigour in her eyes couldn't be concealed .

"Little Feng, thank you . I thought that I was going to die . "

At that time, she really thought that she wouldn't be able to keep alive . When she closed her eyes and passed out in a coma, she listened to the crying of the child . She wanted to open her eyes to see her child, but could not resist the invading darkness . When she opened her eyes again in the morning, she had the sensation and felt as if she had been reborn .

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