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Published at 9th of January 2020 07:35:04 AM
Chapter 846: 846

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"What do you know, brat?"

She shook her head and spoke with a smile . "You are still young and don't understand . You don't need to understand this . Wait until you grow up, you'll get it later . " She still couldn't help laughing . She didn't expect to hear such a sentence from his mouth .

 She didn't know what's going on in his little head . How could such a sentence pop out?

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They went back . After taking a bath, Feng Jiu went to bed very early due to the fatigue of performing the surgery . However, the child lying next to her opened his eyes after she had fallen asleep . He reached out and tapped her acupoints, then rose up and went out quietly at night .

In the mountain behind the palace, Ren Xiang was walking back and forth . When he saw the small figure coming, he stepped up quickly and then looked at the shrinking master for a while . He couldn't help laughing .

"Hahaha, Master, I heard from Gray Wolf that you have detoxified the thousand-year cold poison, but your strength has been greatly reduced due to the loss of martial skills . Even people regressed to the age of three or four because of the loss of martial skills . I didn't believe it before, but now I see that you look exactly the same as when you were a child . "

They were all from the Supreme Eight Empires . They didn't know the master when he was still three or four years old, but he did know him when he was five or six years old, looking exactly the same as he did right now .

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"I say, did Ghost Doctor recognize you in this appearance? Did you tell Ghost Doctor?" He asked, unable to restrain himself from laughing . She never expected him to become a child, did she? After all, it's not that common . It's not normal .

"Have you laughed enough? When you've had enough, let's talk about business . " He said with a calm face . But even if his face was grim, it had no power to frighten people at all .

"Alright, alright . "

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He smiled and straightened his face . "There is no need to worry about it now, but you can't conceal it for a long time by feigning illness . Especially, they have been picking quarrels . The secret person they had planted inside hasn't been found . Judging from their method, Master only has half a year of time to make an adjustment . But, can you recover in half a year?"

He asked with some concern that it was a matter of life, especially since the opponent was not ordinary and the master's skill was still lost . Now, if they knew that his skill was greatly reduced, it would turn into an irreparable situation .

"Half a year is enough . " His dark pupils twinkled with a fierce light . "Let them be arrogant for another half a year . Half a year later, I will let them disappear from this world!"

Ren Xiang's heart was slightly relaxed . When the master said that he could recover in half a year, the real recovery time should not use up the half-year time . That's good . If he can maintain this appearance for too long, his strength will be greatly reduced, which is too dangerous .

"Master, since you're returning after a half-year, should I also go back and help?"

"When she's going to the Eight Supreme Empires, you can go back . If she has any trouble here, you can help her . I'm more relieved . "

"But Ghost Doctor doesn't like people around her!" He said helplessly, "Last time something happened, you see, if she agreed to leave some to protect her in the dark, she would not have such big trouble . To be honest, her temper is a little like yours . "

"Things are two-sided . You can't grow up without going through danger . The last time you went through something like that, her strength has also broken through . It's a good thing . She can go as she wants, and you can pay attention to it secretly . "

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