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Published at 29th of December 2019 06:40:07 PM
Chapter 833

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The Black Market's Chief was very surprised, especially to hear about the Beauty Pill . He promised, "Don't worry, Young Master, I can definitely get a great price for this pill . I will release the news first . With Ghost Doctor's name, there is such a good thing . Perhaps it will attract some aristocratic families from higher grade countries . "

"Mm . "

She nodded . After handing over the pill to him, she spoke again, "After you auction it off, I'll settle it with you next year . "

"Yes, I'll take care of everything then . I'll do it as simple as possible . " He said with a smile, knowing that she didn't like trouble . "As Young Master Jiu has left the academy, how many days will you stay in this city? I can arrange accommodation for you . "

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"There's no need . We'll travel from place to place . " She shook her head . After entrusting her matters, she left with Little Hell's Lord . The plump Cloud Devouring Beast was following behind .

She took Little Hell's Lord to the tavern to eat . She also bought a lot of cakes and fruits to eat on the journey . At last, she rode Old White all the way down to the next destination .

Two days later, after Feng Jiu shook Nie Teng off from trailing her, she took Little Hell's Lord to settle down at an inn . Soon after that, Du Fan and Bai Xiao came to the Inn and saw her sitting by the window on the second floor .

"Master . "

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After giving a salute, their eyes naturally fell on the black-robed and delicate looking Little Hell's Lord . They looked at each other strangely because neither of them expected her to come with a child .

Besides, where did the boy come from?

"This time, I passed by here on my trip to take a look at the place you've selected . Let's go! You lead the way in front . " She said, holding Little Hell's Lord's hand, going down the stairs together . She told Bai Xiao, "Old White in the stable at the back . Take him out . "

Hearing this, Bai Xiao was happy . "Alright, I'll go and have a look . "

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Because he was worried about being kicked out from her side, he had been training and taming beasts for several months . His kung fu was not inferior to that of others . After several months of hard training, he was surprised that he managed to practice his family's secret beast taming method to the fourth level . Now, he can tame the beasts below the ninth-rank .

Du Fan took Feng Jiu to leave first, while Bai Xiao led Old White out . He was excited to see his old partner after a long time .

"Old White, I heard that you can speak? I haven't seen you for so long, you are much thinner than before! But I heard about you from Young Master . Well done . " He patted it on the head . While being brought, it excitedly shook its head and flung its tail .

"We're returning to the mountaintop . Master said that the rope in your mouth could not be untied until we reach the place so that you would not open your mouth and cause trouble . " He led the horse out as he spoke .

After leaving the city, they flew directly . Seeing this, Bai Xiao turned over and rode on Old White's back: "Old White, let's catch up with them . Let's go!" As soon as he shook the rope and clamped his legs, he rushed out of the city, splashing a cloud of dust on the mountain path .

Two hours later, they came to the manor . Du Fan told Feng Jiu, "Master, we bought this place . There are arrays around it, however, there was no aerial restriction . I have limited ability . My aerial restriction set-up was not high at all . "

Feng Jiu took Little Hell's Lord all the way through the array . She arrived at the place and saw the scenery inside . She nodded . "Mm, this place is not bad . I'll set the aerial restriction later . " While she was still talking, she heard a joyful voice .


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