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Published at 30th of December 2019 10:20:11 AM
Chapter 834

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Leng Shuang and Leng Hua came running quickly . They hadn't seen her for a long time and were very happy to see her . Their faces shone with joy .  

Feng Jiu's looked them over, then nodded . "Leng Shuang has made progress in her cultivation . Leng Hua seems to be in good health . How's your Tai Chi practice recently?"

"Mistress, I have made great progress in Tai Chi . I practice it every day . If you don't believe me, you can try . " Leng Hua said with a smile . His gaze fell on the Little Hell's Lord . "Eh? Who is this child? He looks very handsome, but why does he look so familiar?"

Little Hell's Lord looked askance at Leng Hua . He moved his line of sight indifferently and didn't pay any attention to him .

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"He said that his name is Little Hell's Lord . He stuck to me all day long, saying that he was the Hell's Lord's little brother . " She shot a glance at the little guy at her side and saw that he was not afraid of strangers . His exquisite face still wore a serious expression, as if nothing could arouse his curiosity and interest .

"Little Hell's Lord?" Leng Shuang stared, then smilingly said, "How about I show you around?"

"Don't treat me as a child . Besides, take out that "Little" from my name . You can't call me Little Hell's Lord . "

He spoke coldly . The young and tender voice was paired with a serious expression, which failed to give an admonishing effect at all . On the contrary, his tiny face made Feng Jiu reach out to pinch his face .

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Getting his face pinched in front of so many people, his ear turned red . He glared at her resentfully . "Don't pinch randomly, so many people are watching!"


Feng Jiu couldn't help laughing out loud . Seeing that tsundere look was too cute, she reached out and picked up the little guy . She told him with a grin, "Not only will I pinch your face, but also kiss you . What will you do?" He kissed his face immediately, without giving him time to react .

Little Hell's Lord was stunned . The blush on his ears spread to his face and then to his neck . He stared at Feng Jiu blankly, as if never dreaming that she dared to kiss him in front of so many people . He couldn't react for a moment .

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It was not until the laughter of the crowd broke out that he came to his senses . Instead of getting angry, he crossed his arms across his chest and snorted . "Kiss, then! You'll have to pay it back sooner or later . " "He said meaningfully .

This woman, he didn't know that she was so brazen, daring to mess around in front of people . As expected, she was so impetuous . She pretended to be a decent person before . She must have missed him for a long time .

He should have given her this chance before .

"Just keep on pretending!" Feng Jiu chuckled and was about to hand him to Leng Hua . Unexpectedly, the little guy hung on to her neck tightly . "I won't let others touch me!"

Feng Jiu was startled, then smiled . "What? Are you a clean freak? Don't learn from your Big Brother's bad habits . "

Little Hell's Lord didn't look up . He laid on her shoulder and didn't speak .

"Mistress, the courtyard is ready . Please go and have a rest . " Leng Shuang said, seeing the child wouldn't let others hold him . She could only follow .

"Alright, let's go in . " She answered . She went in with them, taking a look at the manor . "Du Fan, how did you find this place?"

Du Fan, who was next to her, said, "To answer Master, this subordinate had come in here before and knew that this place was for sale . It was always empty . When I came back, I found out about the owner of the manor and buy it from him . "

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