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Chapter 819

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Seeing this, the Deputy Headmaster could only sigh and not bring up the matter again .  

Following this, Feng Jiu didn't pack up her belongings in preparation for going home like the other students . Instead, she had immersed herself in practising alchemy once again . First, she had refined two more Beauty Pills, then she went on to research another elixir that could be taken by men to restore their youth and health . She named the elixir for females Beauty Pill and the elixir for males Youth Reversing Pill .  

These two elixirs were made with medicinal herbs chosen specifically for their attributing properties, therefore, if it were to be taken by the wrong person, the result would be like Huang Alchemy Master .  

Upon seeing that she was busy refining pills, Guan Xilin took his leave and told her that he was going to practice with the people from the Black Market . Therefore, Feng Jiu asked that he make a trip to the Centenarian Mountain to deliver one elixir pill to Du Fan .  

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After Guan Xilin's departure, Ye Jing had told Feng Jiu where her home was and asked that she come to visit her when she had some time, and also left the academy to go home .  

In the whole academy, there was only Feng Jiu who had stayed behind in her cave dwelling with no intention of leaving .

However, there were two people who had been neglected, Nie Teng and Ouyang Xiu . When they saw that Feng Jiu hadn't left, they decided to stay in their cave dwellings to cultivate . They were going to leave after her . And as for Ouyang Xiu, he was waiting for the opportunity to take on Feng Jiu .  

Therefore, after everyone had left the academy, he had stayed behind to wait for him to leave when he was finished practising alchemy . He had wanted to find a chance to test his strength in order to fulfill his wish of fighting with him .

On this day, Mo Chen who was dressed in white robes, had come to her cave dwelling and sat down at the stone table by the tree outside . His deep, bottomless gaze was fixed at the cave dwelling where sounds of movement could be heard from within . His expression wavered, he sat there quietly as his thoughts drifted away slowly .

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Though three beasts outside were sat down, their eyes were fixed on him . They stared at him for a while, and then moved their gaze away . They had recognised him .  

For the next month or so, she was inside her cave dwelling and had not even stepped out for a moment . As for Mo Chen, he would come to her cave dwelling every day to sit down and wait and watch .  

Till this day, another three claps of thunder had fallen from the sky . After the thunder had dispersed, sounds of laughter could be heard from within the cave dwelling . When he heard the laugh, he couldn't help but revealed a smile that he hadn't even noticed .

"It's done, it's done! It's finally done! Hahahaha… . . "

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Within the cave, Feng Jiu held two elixirs in her hand . This was the male version of the Beauty Pill . Back when her grandfather had first gotten married, she had already wanted to refine such a pill for him . Little did she expect that she would finally succeed .

After her excitement, she kept the elixirs . When she saw the mess she was in, she went to clean up and changed into a fresh set of robes before she left the cave dwelling . When she walked out of her cave dwelling and saw Mo Chen sat at the stone table, she was startled, and stared at him strangely .  

"Mister Mo Chen? Why are you here?"

Before Mo Chen had a chance to reply, Old White said: "He sits here every day . It isn't just today that he has come . "

"Are you not going home?" He asked, his voice soft and gentle, with a hint of indifference .  

"Why?" She stared at him defensively: "What does me going home or not have anything to do with you?"

When he saw that she had become defensive, his eyes wavered as he replied: "There is an Alchemy Convention held in Yi Country next year on the third day of the third month . Would you like to go together?"

 "Even someone like Feng Yun Bang who's one of the top was beaten rather severely . Tsk tsk, I really wonder who beat them . " Sima You Yue wondered while touching her chin .

"It must be someone from the top ten if the person was able to beat him so severely . Furthermore, to be willing to battle him to begin with, the person is probably ranked between from six to ten . What? Are you interested?" Wei Zi Qi asked with raised eyebrows .

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