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Published at 25th of December 2019 09:00:04 AM
Chapter 820: 820

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"No . " She had rejected him before she even considered it . And she had refused bluntly too .

Perhaps Mo Chen had not expected her to refuse him so bluntly, hence he was shocked . He stared at her, speechless .

Seeing this, Feng Jiu let out a sigh and looked at him with a straight face: "Master Mo Chen, just say it! What do you want? Don't tell me you don't have any motives . I remember you looked down on me once upon a time . So why do you keep appearing now? What are you trying to do?"

What did he want to do?

He hesitated slightly and then revealed a smile . Although his smile was gentle and warm, the effect it had on Feng Jiu was that it made her feel cold .  

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"I just want to see what kind of a person Phoenix is . "

"Phoenix? What do you mean?" The sentence made no sense and it had Feng Jiu confused .

"When a Phoenix appears, a soul enters the world from out of this world, defies heaven's path and becomes the master of the world . "

He hadn't missed the look of surprise in her eyes as he looked at her . He asked slowly: "This legend was passed down from my teacher Sky Master . My purpose in coming here is to look for you . "

Feng Jiu hesitated before asking: "What do you mean by becoming the master of the world? I have never thought of becoming the master of the world . Besides, what does this have to do with you looking for me?" He got it right about a soul entering the world . But how did he know that it was her? And even so, she had nothing to do with him!

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Upon hearing this, his eyes darkened, they looked deep like the ocean as he stared at her without saying a word . After a long time, he then turned around and walked away .  

When she saw him walking away, Feng Jiu muttered to herself: "Strange . "

It was strange . Even if she was that person, what did that have to do with him? And this person seemed to enjoy talking halfway, never finishing his sentences, it was hard to keep up with what he actually meant .

"Master, I think that he harbours ill intentions towards you . " Old White said .

Feng Jiu rolled her eyes: "If he harboured ill intentions towards me, he wouldn't have saved me . Despite this person being a little weird, he has saved me twice . His strength also seems to be quite high . " She touched her chin as she asked them: "Tell me, do you think his strength is higher than uncle's?"

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"No . "

The two beasts spoke in unison, as if they hadn't needed to consider the possibility .

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows: "Why?"

"Hell's Lord's power is just too strong . He just needs to look at us and we don't even dare to speak . Although his power is quite strong, but it's not comparable to Hell's Lord's imposing domination and force . Therefore, he is not as powerful as Hell's Lord . "


When she heard the two beasts call Xuanyuan Moze Hell's Lord, she couldn't help but smile . Hell's Lord? Quite fitting .  

"Well, we have been here for a year . We've not seen him for a whole year . I wonder how he has been?" She muttered as she looked at the distant sky . Now that she's mentioned him, she's actually missing him! 

Ten years, a ten year contract . Hahaha, she wouldn't wait ten years before she went to look for him . When she had settled her affairs here, she would go to the Eight Great Empires to have a look . But right now, she had more important matters to deal with first .  

She had asked the people from the Black Market to enquire about the whereabouts of her mother . It had been quite a long time ago, surely, they would have some information by now? 

Well, she would go to the Black Market to find out first, then decide whether she would go home .

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