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Published at 30th of November 2019 01:15:06 PM
Chapter 767

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"Oh, Feng Jiu, we haven't seen you recently . " A student at the mission point saw Feng Jiu and greeted her .  

"I've been rather busy lately, so I haven't been out . " Feng Jiu replied with a smile . When she arrived at the mission point, she took a look at the task board, but there were none that came with a lot of contribution points .  

"Feng Jiu, have you come to earn contribution points? The tasks recently aren't that good . And the contribution points are rubbish too . " That student's eyes shined when he saw the feather on Feng Jiu's waistband .

"Yes, it's not good and the contributions points aren't good either . " She nodded and as there was nothing suitable, she left .

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Such little contribution points, it was better if she went outside of the academy to buy what she needed instead . After all, it was just spirit herbs, not something that required contribution points to obtain .  

After she made up her mind, instead of returning to the cave dwelling, she took out the token from space and left the academy to go into the city .

As she left the academy, someone had gone to inform the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster of her departure . Upon hearing the news, they didn't speak and only told the informer to retreat .

"Last time she went out she caught the attention of those people . This time surely nothing will happen?" The Deputy Headmaster asked with worry .  

"It should be fine . All those people are now dead, so I assume the news about her had not been reported back . It has been calm for a couple of months now, things should be fine . " The Headmaster replied quietly, he paused and continued: "But why has she gone out? Hasn't she been practising refining pills recently?"

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"Her supply of spirit medicine herbs must have been used up . A teacher told me that he had seen her at the mission point . However, she didn't take up and tasks and left . "

The Headmaster didn't say anything . It was a rule that the students of the academy had to earn their own contributions points . Even if he was the Headmaster, it was no exception . Besides, if he broke the rule just for her, then everyone would have something to say about it .  

About two hours later, Feng Jiu arrived in the city . She had a meal first before she went to the Black Market . She had planned to ask the people in the Black Market how much spirit herbs they would be able to source for her before she decided what she would do .  

She had been to the Black Market with Xiao Yihan, hence, she didn't need to ask for directions and she knew her way there . She got to the main entrance and went inside to look for the porter .  

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"I am looking for the Chief, please can you pass the message along?"

The porter was busy and hadn't bothered to look up . He replied: "Not just anyone can meet out Chief . Just tell me what you want . "

When she heard this, Feng Jiu knocked her fingers on the table and said: "I'm afraid you have no authority . "

"What do you mean I have no authority?"

The porter looked up to shout when he saw the young boy's handsome face, and his legs trembled . He smiled and said: "Oh it's Young Master Feng . Young Master Feng is looking for Chief Gong? Please come inside with me . He is right inside . "

He led the way inside half bent at his waist as he walked ahead . Chief Gong and Elder Gong have instructed that they were not to offend this young master and treat like a royal guest . When he thought back to the tone in his voice earlier, his heart trembled and he wiped away the cold sweat with his sleeve .

"Who is that being brought inside?" Elder Li glanced at Feng Jiu as he asked the porter .

"Elder Li . " The porter bowed with respect before he replied: " This is Young Master Feng, here to see the Chief . "

When he heard this, Elder Li appeared startled, and seemed to have thought of something . His attitude changed one hundred and sixty degrees .

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