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Published at 30th of November 2019 01:15:07 PM
Chapter 766

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"It's Elder Li . " Chief Gong smiled and said: "Why are you here?"

At this time, Elder Li's gaze landed on the bottle of medicinal pills that Senior Li held in his hand: "I thought I would come and see how Little Liu's injuries are when I heard you discussing something . "

Maybe it was because of Guan Xilin's reminder, but that cultivator's heart lurched, and he couldn't help but hold on to the bottle of pills tighter .  

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"Oh, Master Guan brought Little Liu some medicine for internal injuries and instructed him to keep them carefully . " Chief Gong said with a smile and reminded him: "Little Liu, why don't you keep your medicine?"

"Yes . " The middle-aged man replied and looked down with relief, then placed his medicine into space .

Elder Li smirked, it was just a bottle of medicine for injuries, what was so precious about it?

He said: "I just came to visit, seeing that Little Liu looks quite well, I'm sure that he will be able to get out of bed in just a few days . I'm glad . " He nodded his head and said to Guan Xilin: "Master Guan, the next time you come to the Black Market, do let me be the host . "

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Guan Xilin smiled and replied: "Sure . " He bowed and took his leave .

"I will see Master Guan out . " Chief Gong nodded to his uncle and walked out with Guan Xilin .

When Guan Xilin returned to the academy, he went to see Feng Jiu to let her know that he had done everything she had asked . He returned the token to her and then went back to his own quarters .

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Following the recovery of Feng Jiu's injuries, her spirit level had reached the Foundation peak level . She was not in a hurry to advance, hence, she focused her energy on alchemy . She had banned people from leaving and entering her alchemy peak .

Once in a while Guan Xilin and Ye Jing went over to visit . However, when they saw her inside the cave dwelling refining pills, they didn't disturb her and went to cultivate their own skills instead .

With the passing of days, some of the pills that she refined were a success, and some became poison, there were also some that became strange pills that she had no idea what they were for . The one thing she could be sure of was that through her failures, she learnt and her skills in pill refining had improved . Towards the end, there were no more poison pills, maybe just one or two strange pills .  

Because Feng Jiu was always in her cave dwelling and seldom walked around the academy, the problems she had caused when she first entered the academy were soon forgotten . It was as if she had been forgotten, no one ever mentioned her .

Other than Nie Teng, Xiao Yihan, Guan Xilin and Ye Jing, it was as if everyone else had forgotten about her . She had faded out of everyone's sights, and even her beasts had been guarding her cave dwelling obediently .

Until one day, in the midst of pill refining, she walked out and muttered in a low voice: "It's gone, all finished . There's no more medicinal herbs, I have to bring contribution items to exchange, and I don't have that much contribution items left!"

"Oh, I have to go and earn it again . "

She shook her head and sighed as she walked in circles in her cave dwelling . She walked out of her cave dwelling and walked around in circles again . Finally she went back inside and took a bath, then put on a fresh set of green robes . She sat on her flying feather and set off towards the mission point to see if there was any missions that were easy and yet could earn her lots of contribution points .

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