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Published at 29th of November 2019 05:15:07 PM
Chapter 758

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Old White trotted around in a circle and said: "What shall we do? We have been stuck in this formation for a long time . Mistress won't really be dead right?"

"Hmph, you're finally worried now?"

Cloud Devouring snorted loudly and lay on his back as he thought, then replied: "I have a contract with Mistress, so if Mistress' life was in danger, I would be able to sense it . I haven't sensed anything, so her life shouldn't be in any danger . "

"And besides, Mistress has a life contract beast, that is an ancient spirit beast, so it should be able to protect Mistress . We rushed out too hastily, we should have asked first . "

"What shall we do now? Wait for someone to rescue us? No one walks this way . " Old White kicked his hoof as he spoke .

"This is a formation we are trapped in . If it was an enchantment, the both of us could have possibly broken out of it . If we are to break out of the formation, we have to find the source . But I am not familiar with formations, so I don't know what to do . "

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"So we wait?"


"Shall we shout for help?" Old White suggested as he thought they should learn from the humans .

"If you want to do such a shameful thing, you go ahead . " Cloud Devouring swallowed and turned his head to one side .

"It's shameful if we lose our lives . "

Old White snorted then turned around and began to shout: "Help! Help! Is anyone there? Quick come and help us . . . "

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Early the next morning, when the two beasts still had not returned, Guan Xilin and Ye Jing left the academy with ten students and went into the city to ask if anyone had seen the two beasts .

However, by the time they had returned at noon, they still hadn't found them . Guan Xilin muttered in a low voice: "No one in the city have seen them, could it be that they never went into the city?"

"They did leave the academy, could it be . . . "

Ye Jing looked at the forest next to the academy thoughtfully: "The forest up ahead has many formation traps, could they be trapped inside one?"

"Let's go and take a look . "

"There are many formation traps in the forest, we have to be careful not to walk into one when we go in to look for them . " Ye Jing reminded him .

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"Yeah . " Guan Xilin acknowledged and split up from her to begin the search . He shouted: "Old White, Cloud Devouring . . . . "

The two beasts were sprawled on the ground asleep when they heard the shouts . They had then jumped up in excitement in an instant .

"It's the beauty Ye Jing . " Old White's eyes sparkled as he said in surprise .

"I think there is also Mistress' elder brother . " Cloud Devouring said .

"They must have come to look for us . " Old White spun around in excitement and shouted out: "We are here! We are here! Beauty Ye Jing, we are here!"

Ye Jing who had brought ten students into the forest with her for the search heard the loud, excited, hoarse voice and asked the students next to her: "Did you hear any noises? Why did I hear someone shouting for me?"

"Could it be a student who walked into a formation by accident?"

A student replied, not realising that it would be the two beasts . After all, if a beast hadn't reached the spirit level, it could not speak like humans . Old White was just a weird horse, and that weird ball was just a pet, no one would think it was them .  

"No matter what, we should go and take a look . " Ye Jing followed the sound, and as they came nearer, the shouts became clearer .  

"Beauty Ye Jing, beauty Ye Jing, help, help, beauty Ye Jing!"

"Can you stop shouting? It's so noisy . "

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