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Published at 29th of November 2019 05:15:08 PM
Chapter 757

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The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster were stunned, and the Headmaster said: "Then please pass on my regards to your teacher . "

"Okay . " He replied, his eyes however were looked towards the sky, like he was deep in thought .

On the other side, Guan Xilin carried Feng Jiu on his back and returned to the cave dwelling . He hadn't noticed that Old White and Cloud Devouring were missing from the entrance . However, Feng Jiu had noticed that .  

"Where are Old White and the Cloud Devouring beast? Elder brother, you have to help me search for them later . They better not have gone to the medicine peak to cause trouble while I have been away . "

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"Okay, I will look for them later on . "

After Feng Jiu had opened up the protective enchantment around the cave dwelling, Guan Xilin carried her into her bedroom and instructed Ye Jing to look after her before he left to go in search of Old White and Cloud Devouring .

He had walked around the surrounding area but saw no sign of Old White and Cloud Devouring . Finally, he went back to the Mystical Division to ask about them .  

"What? You're looking for that weird horse and meatball? They went out ages ago . I think they left before the Headmaster did to go to save Feng Jiu . However, they've not returned . "

One of the students had spoken He paused and asked in curiosity: "So who was it who wanted to kill Feng Jiu? How come the Headmaster and various teachers went to her rescue? You should know what happened since you went to watch right?"

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Guan Xilin ignored his question and asked in shock: "Went out? Out of the academy?" Before the student had a chance to reply, he went straight to the entrance to find out more .  

"Oh, the weird horse and meatball? Yes, they have gone out . They left from the side entrance of the Spirit Division . They left so fast we didn't even have a chance to stop them . They have been gone for a long time . Even the Headmaster and everyone else is back, but the two beasts are still not back yet . " 

When he heard what the porter had to say, Guan Xilin said: "I will go out to look for them . "

"Hey, hey, hey, you can't leave! A student cannot leave the academy without prior permission . That's the rules . " The porter tried to stop him: "Even though the horse is weird, but it is a spirit beast after all, it will know its way, don't worry . "

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Seeing that he was stopped from leaving, Guan Xilin had turned around to go to the main peak to look for the Headmaster to inform him on what had happened and ask for permission to leave the academy to look for Old White and Cloud Devouring .  

"Spirit beasts know the roads . Tell you what, if they are still not back by the morning, I will allow you to go out to look for them . You have been injured today, you should rest . Who knows, the two beasts might come back a little later . "

The Deputy Headmaster said: "Don't worry, I will let the porters know so that they won't stop the two beasts from entering the academy . "

Guan Xilin finally nodded and replied: "Okay, I will return to the cave dwelling and let Feng Jiu know so that she won't be worried . "

"Yes, go . I have sent some medicinal congee over, remind her to eat it . "

"Thank you Deputy Headmaster . " He bowed and took his leave .

At the same time, not far from the academy, in the forest, Old White and Cloud Devouring had walked into a formation and were trapped inside . They had walked for hours and were unable to leave the formation . This made the two beasts who were worried about Feng Jiu become violently angry .

"You said you knew the way . Now look, we have walked into this stupid formation and we can't make our way out of it . When we finally get out, Mistress might already be dead . " Cloud Devouring had directed all his anger within the formation towards Old White .

Old White snorted two puffs of breath through his nose and replied angrily: "How was I to know that this place would have a formation trap? If I had known I would have gone another way . "

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