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Published at 25th of November 2019 09:39:44 PM
Chapter 756

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After hearing his speech, they didn't fight .

The headmaster and deputy headmaster looked at each other and walked inside with light steps . Then, Mo Chen followed in . Guan Xilin, Nie Teng and Ye Jing also walked in .

Not long after, those few people were surrounding the bed . Feng Jiu had been asleep . Although she looked pale, her breath did not show any signs of weakening or disorder . This fact made them feel relieved .

Seeing that her life was not in danger, they all went out together .

"It's good that there's no problem . I'll leave her to you . I'll see the injured teachers . " The headmaster spoke and strode out from the place .

Nie Teng paused for a moment then also departed .

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But Guan Xilin stayed . "I will wait until Little Jiu awake, then take her back to her cave-dwelling . "

Deputy headmaster glanced at those few people in the courtyard and coughed softly . "I'll tell the kitchen to cook her some medicinal porridge . Her wounds will recover faster . " He then also left .

In the courtyard, there were only Guan Xilin, Ye Jing and Mo Chen . They were all silent, the atmosphere seemed weird .

After a good while, Ye Jing looked at Guan Xilin . "You are wounded . I'll help dress your wounds!"

"It's okay . These are just scrape wounds . "

He glanced at a few small cuts in his arm and ignored them . As for the internal injuries caused by the airflow, he had taken the medicinal pills on the way back . It had eased his pain a lot, so he was alright .

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In the evening, Xiao Yihan, who helped to dress the injured teachers' wounds also came . Seeing the immortal in white sitting motionlessly in the courtyard, he pulled Guan Xilin aside and asked in a low voice, "Feng Jiu knows him?"

"I assume so!" Guan Xilin answered . He didn't know much about Mo Chen .

"I heard from the headmaster that Feng Jiu is alright . Has she woken up yet?" He looked at the closed door and inquired .

"Shortly after waking up, Ye Jing helped her change clothes and take some medicine . "

He nodded . After seeing the atmosphere was somewhat heavy, he said, "Since she's alright, then I go back first . I'll wait for her to return to the cave and then go visit her again . "

Guan Xilin made an assenting sound and looked at his departing figure . After, he turned his sight toward Mo Chen who was sitting on the side reading a book . After quite a while, he looked away .

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When the room door opened, Ye Jing came out . "Feng Jiu said she would go back to the cave to heal her wounds . "

Guan Xilin turned and walked in . "I'll take her back . "

At the stone table, Mo Chen's gaze moved, but he did not speak and just sat quietly .

Soon after, Guan Xilin came out with Feng Jiu on her back . She had changed into the academy's uniform . Her face looked even paler, but she was awake .

"Thanks very much . "

When she reached the place where Mo Chen was, on Guan Xilin's back, she gave him thanks .

Ye Jing was supporting them and left together with them .

Waiting until after they left, Mo Chen put down the book in his hand and lifted his eyes to watch . He was silent for a long time .

"Is it her? Is she the one you're looking for?"

The headmaster and deputy headmaster came in . Seeing the man sitting by the table staring blankly, they posed the question .  Actually, they already knew that the one they were looking for was Feng Jiu .

In the entire academy, only she was so extraordinary and only she could make Young Master Mo Chen who didn't care about anything to make a killing move and stain his hands with blood .

Mo Chen looked at the two men for a long time . "Treat her injury well . I have to go back . "

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