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Chapter 731

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The next morning, Nie Teng, dressed in the academy's uniform, came to the peak of Alchemy division as a student leader .

He didn't come closer but looked at it from afar . In the early morning, the air in the forest was fragrant, the leaves were blowing gently in the wind, and the birds perching on the branches were chirping .

The cave dwelling was quiet and there was no movement . Under the big tree in front of the cave, a big black bear was crouching, and a strange old horse was lying on the grass while swaying its tail .

When he saw the white horse, which was not unfamiliar to him, his eyes shrank and his heart stirred .

It's really her!

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Even if he didn't see her in person, her old white horse was there . So, she must be here .

He didn't think to see her again . But the next time they met again, they were in the same academy . He became a student of the same academy as her . At this moment, his silent heart seemed to be alive and beating again .

He didn't stay long there . He turned around and left after he made sure .  

Shortly after he left, inside the cave, Feng Jiu took off her azure uniform and put on a red robe . After telling the three beasts to stay guarding the cave, she went to the Mystical and the Spirit divisions, intending to ask her brother and Ye Jing to go out of the academy together .

However, when she came to the Mystical division, she was told that her brother had gone to compete with other Mystical division students . Thus, she came to Ye Jing's courtyard .

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"Feng Jiu? What are you doing here?" Ye Jing was surprised to see her .  

Feng Jiu winked at her . "I'm here to ask if you want to go to the city with me?" As she spoke, she tossed the token in her hand .

Ye Jing was slightly astonished . "You actually have the headmaster's command token?"

"The headmaster gave me this . Are you going?"

"I'm going, of course . " She said with a smile . "Wait for me . I'll go in and change . " After she spoke, she quickly got inside .

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Two hours later, they arrived at Nebula city . Their outstanding appearance and extraordinary qualities attracted many passers-by's attention . Even though the city gathered heroes from all over the regions, their appearance and qualities made them look extremely dazzling, like a pair of cranes in the midst of a flock of chickens .

"Let's find a place to eat first before going shopping . " Feng Jiu said . Her first thought was not on other things but delicious food .

"I'm familiar with the city . Let me take you to a restaurant! It's the most authentic dish here . " Ye Jing led her across the street to another alley .

When they passed through the alley, they walked head on to a tall and thin middle-aged man . He's wearing a magnificent brocade gown while walking in the alley and looking at the local stalls . When he saw the two people in front of him, his eyes lit up . His gaze was fixated on Ye Jing, a sweet-tempered and soul-stirring woman in a light blue dress .

Although an alley, it's not small . Apart from the stalls on both sides of the road, there were three people in the middle . Ye Jing and Feng Jiu were chatting as they were walking around .

Feng Jiu looked at those stalls . She saw that there are some medicinal materials besides other wares in the stalls .

Although Ye Jing looked toward the front, she also noticed the eyes of the tall and thin middle-aged man . She didn't care, however . When she almost collided with the man, she moved out of the way . She moved a little to Feng Jiu's side to avoid the middle-aged man .

The two people shouldn't have bumped into each other . But as the middle-aged man brushed past her, unexpectedly he raised his hand slightly and turned his body as if to accidentally hit her chest .

Seeing this, Ye Jing hurriedly moved over to Feng Jiu's side and narrowly avoided the elbow . She turned back to glare at the man with slight anger .

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