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Published at 15th of November 2019 02:40:07 PM
Chapter 732

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"What's wrong?"

Feng Jiu turned her head to look at her . She saw Ye Jing was glaring at the tall and thin man who was walking away from them . Her gaze also fell on the man .

"It's alright, let's go!" Ye Jing repressed her fury and withdrew her gaze .

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows . She didn't notice and didn't know what happened . However, since Ye Jing didn't say anything, she didn't think it was a big deal and didn't continue asking .

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However, when they went back after eating and were planning to see the spirit herbs shop, they met the tall and thin middle-aged man in the street .

At a stall in the main street, a fat woman in her early thirties and dressed in fancy clothes pointed to the peddler with her arms crossed and scolding him . She was surrounded by a lot of onlookers, while the tall and thin middle-aged man was crowding around some women, seemingly unintentionally raising his hand to rub against their chests .

When she saw this scene, her eyes were slightly chilly . She thought of her experience in the alley before . This middle-aged man must have also used this tactic to take advantage of Ye Jing . Sure enough, when she glanced at Ye Jing, she saw her expression was chilly .

"People like this have to be taught a lesson every time . I didn't know before . If I knew, I would never let him out of the alley . " Feng Jiu said . Her eyes fell on the tall and thin middle-aged man .

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"I managed to avoid him, but I'm still furious . "

She has an outstanding appearance . Because of her good family background and cultivation, ordinary people didn't dare to take advantage of her . She also had never met such an old uncouth man .

She assumed that since he was old, it was impossible for him to do such a shameless thing . However, it was obvious that even if she had never met one before it didn't mean that there were no such people .

"Leave it to me . "

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Feng Jiu smiled at her . She stepped forward to the bustling crowd and also pressed into the horde and came to the tall and thin middle-aged man's side . She saw that he was pretending to stoop forward to watch the excitement but secretly rubbed his hand against the woman next to him . She couldn't help but curved her lips and reached out her hand to pinch the fat woman's buttocks and then stepped back calmly .

The fat woman who was still raining curses stiffened . Her face, which had been full of anger, was now seething in fury . When she suddenly turned around, it was just in time to see the tall and thin man behind her looking at a woman beside him out of the corner of his eye . He raised his elbow and seemed to bump into the woman's chest .

When she saw this, she glared angrily, her brilliant red lips opened and scolded unrestrainedly like a ferocious mouth of a beast of prey .  

"You son of a b*tch, a damn bastard! Dare to take advantage of this old lady, you are truly tired of living! "

She grabbed him by the lapel in one hand and pulled him to the front while scolding loudly with her saliva sprayed out everywhere . "Can anyone touch this old lady's fat arm? Take a look at yourself, like a creep . Still huddling around with women? Watch if this old lady don't tidy you up well!"

As she scolded, she held the tall and thin man in her hands and lifted him into the air . When he was about to drop to the ground heavily, the tall and thin man was startled and his expression changed greatly . "Don't, don't… . don't act rashly . Don't act rashly . . . ah!"

Before he finished speaking in his trembling voice, his loud cry rang out . He was thrown to the ground mercilessly by the fat woman . A fat arm slammed into his stomach… .

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