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Published at 25th of October 2019 04:15:07 PM
Chapter 695

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When she saw Old White and Cloud Devouring Beast in the mountain road between the Pharmacy Division's mountain peak and Alchemy Division's mountain peak, she couldn't help glowering at them .

Those were really her two guys' deeds!

As soon as she spotted several Spirit Division students patrolling in the herb fields in front of the Pharmacy Division's mountain peak, she felt her heart on her throat . Immediately, she flew down toward the two beasts .


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Old White waved its tail excitedly and snorted at Feng Jiu when it saw her coming . Unexpectedly, it was tossed inside her sleeve and directly entered her space . Cloud Devouring Beast, standing by its side, was also tossed inside the space the moment it was about to open its mouth .  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

After sending the two beasts into her spatial space, Feng Jiu quickly retreated from the Pharmacy Division's mountain peak and quietly sneaked back to the Alchemy Division's mountain peak . When she arrived in front of her cave-dwelling, she released her two beasts outside .

"You guys got the guts!" She glared at the two beasts .

"Mistress… . " Little Cloud Devouring Beast laid down on its stomach, not daring to lift its head .

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"Neigh!" Old White followed, lying down and swishing its tail .

The big black bear, a distance away, watched with his head slightly crooked and sat idly, wondering what had happened .

"Have you eaten all the spirit herbs? Running to the Pharmacy Division's mountain peak to steal spirit herbs without handing them over? How good you two guys are! You have a lot of nerves!"

The Cloud Devouring Beast was stunned . So, their mistress was indignant and scolded them because they didn't hand over the spirit herbs and pilfered it all themselves? The beast took a short pause and spoke, "Mistress, if you want some ginsengs, I can pull them out for you . "

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"Pull your silly head . "

Feng Jiu swatted the beast's head . "Don't you know that even the deputy headmaster got alarmed? If I hadn't gone to bring you back, you'd have been caught and even I'd have been in trouble . "

The Cloud Devouring Beast shrunk its head and answered with a low voice . "But, Mistress, there's no food for us to eat here . We could only find food at the Pharmacy Division's mountain peak . "

"You can't go there again . Guard the cave obediently and keep people from making trouble here . I'll refine some immortal elixirs for you . " She had plenty of spirit herbs in her room that she could use to practice her hands .

Her master was correct . Her mystical spirit body enabled her to cultivate ten times faster than others . Complemented with the primal chaos mental cultivation method, the five-element spiritual roots in her body were controlled perfectly in less than 10 days . Now, when she cultivated every day, she divided a portion of her spirit energy to warm the green lotus in her meridians .

Her spirit energy had reached the peak level of the Great Spirit Master . She only needed a chance to reach the foundation building stage . But if she stayed inside the academy, getting this opportunity would be very difficult . She had waited a few days for an opportunity to leave the academy and tried her luck .

After making arrangements for the three beasts, she entered the cave dwelling to refine elixirs . It's the first time ever for her both to use the pill furnace and to refine elixir inside the cave . Under the protection of the boundary, the sound of activities inside was kept to a minimum . Almost no one outside knew that she was refining inside the cave dwelling .

Fortunately, nobody knew . Otherwise, the two Alchemy teachers would be too scared to speak . A student who had only been at the Division for a few months would use a pill furnace and refine elixirs . From the evening to the early morning, nearly ten bottles of first-class elixirs were produced for three beasts .  

While the three beasts guarding the cave dwelling obediently, the students were hiding in ambush at the Pharmacy Division's mountain peak . They hid among the spirit herbs or the trees . They were ready to catch the thieves as soon as they came . However, after being on the alert for three full days, they had not seen any suspicious figures appear . . .

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