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Published at 25th of October 2019 10:28:13 PM
Chapter 694

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The headmaster and the deputy headmaster looked at each other and pondered for a moment . "What kind of spirit herbs were stolen? Do you have a list? Did you go to the contribution point place to see if some students stole them to exchange for the contribution point?"

"We've investigated, we found nothing . The stolen spirit herbs were of miscellaneous types, mainly spirit ginseng . Now there is less than one-third of spirit ginseng at the Pharmacy Division's mountain peak . We are afraid that if this goes on, there will be a shortage of spirit ginseng in the academy . We'll have nothing to offer to many of our Pharmacists and also Alchemists at the Alchemy Division . "

Aware of the seriousness of the problem, the headmaster told the deputy headmaster, "Follow up on this matter . After seeing the situation, transfer a few people from the Spirit Division or the Mystical Division to guard the peak . Be sure to catch the spirit herb thieves . "

"Mm, I'll do it now . " Old Guan nodded . He looked at those few people and asked, "When does the theft usually occur? Do you have any records?

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"Yes, it's usually at mealtime . " One of the teachers answered .


The deputy headmaster was startled . He nodded . "Yes, all the teachers are taking their meals at that time . Naturally, it's the best time to commit a crime . Mm, I know, you go back first . Wait until I go to the Spirit Division and the Mystical Division to transfer a few people . Then, I'll go to the Pharmacy Division's mountain peak to take a look . "

The teachers were relieved . They nodded and assented, leaving together in a group .

On the other side, after cultivating, Feng Jiu finally breathed a sigh of relief after getting clarification about her five-element spiritual roots . After a long absence from the outside world, she entrusted the cave-dwelling to the three beasts . She sat on the flying feather and went to the Mystical Division to ask whether her brother had come out of the mystical tower .

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When she came to the Mystical Division, she saw that the deputy headmaster was taking some students from the Spirit Division and some students from the Mystical Division to come out . She could not be rude when she met them face to face, so she went forward and gave a salute .

"Deputy headmaster . "

"Oh? It's Feng Jiu! Why are you here?" Old Guan asked with a smile on his face . He felt moved whenever he saw this young man .

"I'm free, so I'm taking a walk, deputy headmaster . What are you going to do?" She looked at the Spirit Division students in the back . They were all sky-rank students, so were those of the Mystical Division .

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"Recently, the spirit herbs and spirit ginseng at the Pharmacy Division's mountain peak always got stolen . Those teachers from the peak looked for me and the headmaster . As a result, we plan to send a few students to keep watch who on earth so brave to steal the spirit herbs at the mountain peak . " 

"Oh, so that's the case . Then, I won't disturb the deputy headmaster . " She saluted and stepped aside, waiting for the party to leave . But her heart began to wonder .

Spirit herbs and spirit ginseng were always stolen?

Her footsteps going toward the Mystical Division suddenly paused . She seemed to have thought of something and her lip corners drawn taut . What did her three beasts eat recently? 

That wouldn't do . I'd better go back and have a look .

She hopped on the flying feather and flew quickly to the cave dwelling . When she arrived at her cave, she saw only Little Black guarding outside, but Old White and Little Cloud Devouring Beast disappeared . Seeing this, her heart thumped as if secretly telling her that it wasn't good .

The Pharmacy Division's mountain peak and the Alchemy Division's mountain peak were next to each other .  If it were done by those two guys, it was really possible at Cloud Devouring Beast and Old White's speed to steal things without anybody knowing .

She sat on the flying feather while looking down from time to time in midair . She felt endlessly anxious .

She recalled that the deputy headmaster took the Spirit Division and Mystical Division's students to the pharmacy division's mountain peak to keep watch . If the two fools happened to bump into the other party, she would be in trouble . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

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