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Chapter 678: 678

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The big black bear fell heavily on the ground and stood guard in front of the cave dwelling, baring its sharp teeth and fixing its stare at the students who quickly retreated from the surrounding area . The saint ranked beast emitted its aura all over its body accompanied by a roar, making the retreating students pale and frightened .

"Good heavens! How could there be a saint ranked big black bear here!"

Those Mystical division students who had surrounded the cave-dwelling were white with fear . They dared not go forward . They couldn't deal with the sacred-rank beast at all . But how could this beast, which should have been in the depths of the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range, come here?


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The big black bear roared angrily but it did not rush forward, because Feng Jiu had told him not to harm the people in the academy . Therefore, its roar was only meant to intimidate and scare them .

Not far away, Old White came over at an unhurried pace . It looked up and glanced at the students around him . Breath sprayed out from its two nostrils . When it saw that there was not even a beautiful woman among the crowd, it flipped its tail in disgust and found a place to lie down .

"Goodness! What kind of horse is that? How could there be such a thing in the academy?"

"Look! There's still a small pet at the mouth of the cave dwelling!"

A student cried out, pointing at a short-legged animal coming out from the cave and laying down at the mouth of the cave . The fluffy Little Cloud Devouring Beast looked so lacking in power that no one could recognize it as a Saint level beast .

"Is this really the place where that Alchemy division's youngster lives? Not a place to raise animals?"

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At this time, Feng Jiu, wearing an azure robe with the rainbow-coloured glazed feather at her waist, came out . She cast a glance at the hundred people and smiled . "What are you guys doing?"

"Youngster, how dare you laugh!" One of them saw Feng Jiu came out and immediate glowered at her . "You strutted at our Mystical division, showing off your might . Today, we absolutely won't let you off!"

"Right! Boy, come out! We're going to challenge you!"

"Right! We're definitely going to show you that we're a power to reckon with!"

Feng Jiu smiled gently and leaned back on the cave dwelling with her hands folded across her chest . "Forget it! You're all really too weak . Isn't it too embarrassing for me to fight with you? Go back quickly! In case my Little Black loses its temper, I'm also unable to restrain it . "

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As if confirming Feng Jiu's words, the big black bear gave a low roar after she finished speaking .

Those Mystical division students who were about to step forward immediately withdrew . Some were resentful, some were unwilling, and some others stared angrily at the young man in an azure robe . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Give your all! I don't believe we can't beat this boy up!" A student hollered . He took the lead to dash forward .

When the others saw this, they, too, made their way forward with clenched fists . Half of them laying siege to the big black bear and half of them breaking the barrier of the cave .

Looking at the chaotic scene outside, Feng Jiu was really shocked and hurriedly shouted, "Do you really want to die? My Little Black is a sacred beast . It can fit all of you in a pot to eat . "

"Humph! We're going to beat you up! No matter what kind of sacred beast it is! It would be a shame if we came in vain!"

"Right! We're going to beat you up!"

Feng Jiu glared at them . "You all, you are bullies!" What hundred men had besieged her alone? These people had gone too far . They really took her for a ride, didn't they?

"Alright! You all made me do it . Don't blame me, then . "

She was panting with rage . As she rolled up her sleeves, she was going to rush out and give them a good beating . But just then, a shout of anger came from the sky .

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