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Published at 8th of October 2019 03:02:56 PM
Chapter 677

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The deputy headmaster was grinning cheerfully on his way to the Alchemy Division when he saw a teacher rushing in: "Headmaster, there's trouble . The students from the Mystical Division refused to listen to us and insist on going to look for someone to teach him a lesson . Nearly a hundred of them have gone to the Alchemy Division . "

The few of them were shocked by the news . The headmaster asked: "What's happened? Why are they going to the Alchemy Division to settle a score?"

"Yes, one of the three treasures of the Sky Building, the rainbow-coloured glazed feather had been exchanged by a young boy in the azure robe . The Ten Proud Children of Heaven had set their sights in the rainbow-coloured glazed feather . But now that it has been taken by a newcomer, even if they haven't had much reaction to that, the students of the academy are all enraged to see the young boy showing off by carrying the rainbow-coloured glazed feather on his waist band . "

The teacher wiped the sweat off his forehead and continued speaking: " I'm not sure why the young boy had gone to the Mystical Division . The students in the Mystical Division had stopped him leaving and wanted to know if he had a strong backing behind him . Later on, there was some sort of conflict . There wasn't a fight, but for some reason, the students from the Mystical Division fell onto the floor and lay there for nearly an hour, they were weak and drained of energy . "

The boss of Sky Building was speechless upon hearing that .

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"After the students from the Mystical Division recovered, they went to the Medical Division looking for the young boy . However, they had never heard of the young boy, so they are now going to the Alchemy Division . There are nearly a hundred of them! There's no stopping them . I'm afraid that something bad is going to happen, so I came to get your advice . "

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The deputy headmaster shouted . He knew the boy well, he was strong and has great talent, and is also modest and kind . He would never show off the rainbow-coloured glazed feather and carry it everywhere .

He must have gone to the Mystical Division to look for his elder brother Guan Xilin . The students of the Mystical Division belittled him . Of course it was possible for the young boy to gain nearly two hundred contribution points after entering the academy .  


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Although this was quite an impossible task, however, it surely wasn't difficult for the young boy who was outstanding in so many ways right? The students in the Mystical Division were being unreasonable . Just because they didn't have the ability to exchange the item, it didn't mean that others weren't allowed to do so .  

The deputy headmaster was infuriated as these thoughts flowed through his mind: "They're all rebelling! Aren't there rules?" He turned and told the headmaster before he went to the Alchemy Division with the teacher from the Mystical Division .  

The Sky Building boss watched as the deputy headmaster swung his sleeve and walked off in a huff, then turned to the headmaster and asked: "He's really not related to the young boy?"

The headmaster smiled and touched his beard: "Come, sit down and I will tell you all about it . . . "

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Some of the students from the Mystical Division had flying artifacts and some didn't . The ones that did gave lifts to the ones that didn't . Hence, they all arrived at the peak of the Alchemy Division in less than half an hour . The found out from Steward Sun where Feng Jiu's cave dwelling was and rushed over there .  

Steward Sun felt that something was amiss and went to inform a few of the teachers from the Alchemy Division .  

At this time, Feng Jiu was taking a bath after she had returned to her cave dwelling from seeing Ye Jing off . She had no idea what was happening outside .  

The students from the Mystical Division had surrounded Feng Jiu's cave dwelling and shouted angrily: "Come out young boy!"

"Come out!"

"Come out now!"

Feng Jiu was startled by the commotion outside and had gotten out of the bath to get dressed immediately .  

Old White and Little Black were in the nearby forest looking for food when they heard the angry students and rushed back to the cave dwelling . Little Black gave a loud roar and charged at the students .  


The students turned to look when they heard the bear roar and were so shocked that they all took a step back in fear… . . .

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