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Chapter 2111: Zhuo Junyang

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Zhuo Chuhui nodded. “Mm, Second Brother treats us very well. He always takes care of us.”

“Indeed! It’s just that the Zhuo family’s elders don’t acknowledge you. Zhuo Zhenglin is very kind to you. He can be regarded as a man of some ability, otherwise, your Zhuo family would not be so prosperous. ”

The old man took the lid off the wine gourd and had a sip of wine. He shot a glance at Zhuo Chuhui. “Don’t you want to go to Junyue’s little brother to have a look? This is our chance. If we miss it, we may not have such a good opportunity next time. ”

With a glance at Feng Jiu, Zhuo Chuhui told his eldest son, “Take Immortal Lord and Young Miss Feng over there! I have something to discuss with your mother.”

“Alright.” Zhuo Junyue nodded. After a brief look at Sage Hun Yuan and Feng Jiu, he motioned both of them to follow him.

“This dull guy.” The old man muttered, shook his head, and followed him to another small courtyard.

When they arrived there, before the few of them came close, they heard a voice coming from inside.

“Second Brother, Mother said that Big Brother has come back. That weird grandfather has also come, but they have gone to the East Manor to visit Grandmother. She asked the kitchen to prepare the meal. The whole family will have a nice dinner together.”

The girl who spoke was a pretty girl in an orange dress, about fifteen or sixteen years old. At this time, she was crouching next to a wheelchair, looking at her second brother who was sitting on it.

The man in the wheelchair was in his early twenties, dressed in sky blue robes, with a gentle smile on his handsome face. He was holding a book in his hand. As he was listening to the girl, he seemed aware of people coming. He suddenly turned his head and looked out of the courtyard.

“Big Brother? Immortal Lord, there you are! ” Seeing the familiar faces, the smile on his face deepened, and he said to the girl around him, “Push me over there.”

“Big Brother, Grandfather.” Zhuo Yuzhen raised her face wreathed with smiles, greeted the two happily, and pushed her second brother over there.

Seeing his brother and sister, Zhuo Junyue’s face softened. He looked at them and said, “I’ve been home for a while. I’ve just come back from Grandmother’s place.” He took something out of the space and handed it to each of them.

“Here are gifts for you.”

“Thank you, Big Brother.”

The two siblings spoke in unison. Zhuo Yuzhen opened the cosmos sack given by her big brother. Inside, she took out many beautiful and fun things, among them were two or three defence magic artefacts.

Zhuo Junyang also took out the items. When he saw some magic artefacts, as well as some cultivation books and medical books, he was also delighted. “Big Brother, I like the gift very much.”

“Uh-huh, I like them, too.” Zhuo Yuzhen also smiled happily.

“It’s great that you like them.” Zhuo Junyue replied. “This if Feng Jiu.” He introduced her to his siblings.

The two of them looked at the young man dressed in azure who stood by without opening his mouth. After taking a close look at him surreptitiously, they greeted him. “Young Master Feng.”

Feng Jiu nodded, stepped forward and told the man in the wheelchair. “Stretch out your hand.”

Zhuo Junyang was slightly surprised and looked at the young man in front of him. At this time, he heard his big brother speak. “His medical skills are very good. Let him examine you.”

Zhuo Junyang stretched out his hand with wonder in his heart. The other person put his hand on his wrist and took his pulse….

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