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Chapter 2110: The night’s get-together

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Feng Jiu looked at her closely and nodded. “I understand, however, if there’s anything that I can help in the future, you can go to the Heavenly Pill Tower in Hundred Rivers City to look for me.” She said, “Madam, you should have some old afflictions in your body. I’ll help take care of your health while staying in the Manor these days!”

Today’s brief contact revealed that her Master’s wife was a person of love and justice. Even if she remarried Old Patriarch Zhuo, she still deserved her respect. It’s not a big deal to use silver needles to treat her.

After a brief surprise, the Old Madam nodded. “Then, I’ll trouble you for that.” With this, she told Zhuo Chuhui, “Take good care of Miss Feng.”

“Yes, Mother.” Zhuo Chuhui replied. After bowing to her, he and Feng Jiu left together.

Seeing them coming out, Sage Hun Yuan and Zhuo Junyue stood up and came over. Sage Hun Yuan looked at them and asked, “Have you finished talking?”

“Mm.” Feng Jiu nodded, then told Zhuo Junyue. “I’ll stay here for some time, sorry to trouble you.”

Zhuo Junyue didn’t say much. “You can stay as long as you like, providing you don’t dislike it, that is.”

“Let’s go! We’ll return to the West Manor first.” Zhuo Chuhui said. He and several of them were about to go out when someone was coming. He stopped walking as soon as he saw the person.

“Big Brother.”

The person was the Zhuo family’s patriarch. He came alone with his hands clasped behind his back. After seeing those few people in the courtyard, he first greeted Zhuo Chuhui, then looked at Sage Hun Yuan with a smile. “Immortal Lord, I trust you’ve been well since we last met.”

“Second Uncle.” Zhuo Junyue bowed and greeted him. After seeing his uncle nodded to him with a smile, he stood quietly.

“Second Brother, are you here to see Mother?” Zhuo Chuhui asked, looking relaxed.

“Yes and no.” He smiled. “I heard from the gatekeeper that Junyue is back and Immortal Lord is also here. I also heard that you all came to visit Mother, so I thought I’d come and have a look. I’ve asked the kitchen to prepare something. It’s rare for everyone to get together. Why don’t you all come to the East Manor for a meal this evening?”

Hearing this, the old man stroked his beard and nodded with a smile. “Alright. The old man never refuses food. But, let me tell you, it’s alright to have nothing in particular, but you should prepare fine wine.”

“Haha, of course, Immortal Lord can rest assured.” He smiled. Then looking at his big brother who hadn’t given him an answer, he asked, “Big Brother, would you like to come over for dinner tonight? Let’s call all three children over. Let get the whole family together and have a chat.”

Seeing this, Zhuo Chuhui answered, “Alright! I’ll let your sister-in-law know when I get back. We’ll be there in the evening.”

“That’s great. I’ll go see Mother and tell her. Mother hasn’t been out for a long time. It’s just that Immortal Lord is here today, so I will ask her and Father to attend together.”

“We’ll go back first.” Zhuo Chuhui answered, then left with Sage Hun Yuan and others.

Seeing them leaving, Patriarch Zhuo walked inside, first to meet his mother…

After the few of them entered the West Manor, Feng Jiu looked at Zhuo Chuhui and remarked, “No wonder your mother didn’t let you leave to set up your own Manor.. Your little brother seems to treat you well.”

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