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Chapter 2076: Give one to you

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“Don’t worry, Leader! We know that.” Everyone answered with a smile.

“Leader, you’re injured. I think you’d better not climb up.” Guan Xilin spoke up with his eyes fixed on the leader’s shoulder. Although the wound had been bandaged for several days, it was still not healed. It would be too dangerous to try climbing the volcano.

Hearing this, the others also reacted. “Yes, Leader. I think Little Guan has a point. Your injury is still not fully healed, you shouldn’t climb.”

“Indeed, Leader. I suggest that those who aren’t injured go up and the rest stay down here so that it will be relatively safer.” Another mercenary also spoke.

“That’s fine. Let Little Guan take you there!” The leader said and looked at Guan Xilin. “Whether you can find it or not, come down after searching halfway up the mountain.”

“Alright, I see.” Guan Xilin nodded and headed up the hill with a dozen mercenaries while others stood guard below in case of a sneak attack.

Meanwhile, Feng Jiu and others, who made a detour by the back of the mountain, found a place to sit down after seeing that there was no one else around except the three of them.

“Hurry up, hurry up. Try it one more time.” The old man squatted beside her excitedly, while Zhuo Junyue retreated and stood guard.

Feng Jiu had no choice but to sit down and circulate the spirit energy breath in her body. However, she blocked the blue lotus’ aura in her body from leaking out. Whether it was the blue lotus or not, this matter shouldn’t be made known to others.

So, in the end, it was all quiet and not a single Immortal Grass was seen.

“Well? Didn’t I tell you? It must have been accidental.” As she spoke, she spread out her hands, then turned to gather her breath. She took out the roasted meat from her space and ate it. As she looked at the disappointed old man, she asked, “I’ll give you one! I have two, anyway.”

“The old man will exchange it with Volcanic Flare Stones, so as not taking advantage of you.” After saying this, the old man shoved the Volcanic Flare Stones he had acquired along the way to her.

Feng Jiu didn’t refuse and collected those few items. At the same time, she handed a small immortal grass with a glance at him. “This kind of thing can’t be used directly. You can’t refine it into a medicinal pill and its effect won’t be substantial.”

“You don’t have to worry about this. I’ll just keep it.” After taking the immortal grass, he did not forget to take a look around before putting it away.

“Junyue, come and have something to eat.” Feng Jiu shouted at Zhou Junyue who was keeping guard.

Zhuo Junyue turned around and walked over to them. After arriving at their side, he also sat down. The three sat around and took in the roasted meat and wine.

“Don’t drink too much wine. It’s troublesome to get drunk in this place.” Feng Jiu said, seeing the old man pouring the wine gourd’s content into his mouth. She shook her head and handed him a piece of meat.

“With such drinking capacity, how can the old man get drunk? It’s all right. This place is a little far from the front. No one will come. It just so happens that the old man wants to take a nap after drinking. Anyway, I’m at ease that you two are watching.” He smiled with meat in one hand and wine in the other.

Seeing this, Feng Jiu let him have his way. With the two of them on guard, he could indeed sleep at ease.

In front of the mountain, there was another scene. It was unknown what the climbers found, they started fighting halfway up the mountain…

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