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Chapter 2075: The Front And Back of the Mountain

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The primal chaos blue lotus could be the reason as to why the Immortal Grass had plucked itself out of the ground and came to her. On the other hand, the Immortal Grass was very spiritual in nature, so it probably was able to sense the breath of the primal chaos blue lotus.

However, she didn’t dare to release any more aura from the blue lotus at this point. If others were aware of the primal chaos blue lotus in her body, she was afraid that it would attract more trouble.

“Girl, just try it! There’s nothing wrong with trying.” The old man persuaded, He hadn’t found an Immortal Grass yet so he was hoping that this method would work.

Upon seeing his insistence, Feng Jiu said: “Tell you what, I will give you one of the two Immortal Grass plants. Since we have found it, we can leave!”

“How can we do that?” The old man said hurriedly: “We’ve endured a long journey to travel here. Now that we are here, of course we have to dig up a few more plants before we go back!”

“Dig a few more? Do you think the Immortal Grass is a chinese cabbage? It’ll be there for you to dig if you want it? Even chinese cabbages are not available to be dug up at this time.” She said. She flicked her robes, then she removed the soundproof barrier and walked out.

When he saw Feng Jiu had started heading downwards, the old man followed hurriedly: “Just once, just once alright? I’ve never seen that happen before, I’m really curious!”

Upon being pestered incessantly, Feng Jiu knew that if she didn’t resolve the matter, she would never have any peace. Therefore, she glanced at him and said: “We’ll talk when we get down.”

“Alright, alright.” The old man responded hurriedly. The three of them came down from halfway down the volcano, and although they were covered in ashes, they didn’t have any scratches or bruises on their bodies.

Everyone was surprised when they saw the three of them coming down the volcano. However, this was a good thing for them. If the three of them were to leave, no one would fight with them over any Immortal Grass or Volcanic Flare Stone that might appear. No matter what, this was a good thing.

When the people at the foot of the volcano saw the three of them coming down, they involuntarily stepped back. However, the three of them didn’t pay any attention to them and walked past them.

“Just go around here and it will take you to the back. The magma doesn’t flow down in that direction so it will be cooler there. There will also be some trees to provide shade from the sun.” The old man said as he walked and brought Feng Jiu and Zhuo Junyue around to the other side.

Shortly after they had left, a group of mercenaries arrived. It was the team of mercenaries that Guan Xilin was in.

When the dozen or so teams saw the group of mercenaries, their eyes flashed slightly. The murderous aura of the mercenary team was strong. They appeared to have just come from killing people and the bloody smell made everyone take a few steps backwards instinctively.

One look and they knew that these were not people to be trifled with. In general, they wouldn’t provoke these kinds of people anyway.

“This is it.” The leader of the mercenary group said looking at the volcano: “It depends on whether you can find it or not.”

“Head, if we can’t find it, we can still bring some Volcanic Flare Stones back with us. People on the outside are always rushing to buy them.” A mercenary said with a grin.

The leader of the Fierce Tigers Mercenary Group smiled: “Alright, let’s assign the teams! We will split into two teams, one of the teams will stay down here and stand guard while the other team will come up with me. Let me tell you this first! I have already told you along the way that the level of danger in this place is not low. You can’t fall down from above because if you do, it will be difficult for you to survive.”

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