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Chapter 2065: Influenced By Association

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“Hmph! I thought you had a few talents! But you just want to use your knife to hurt them?”

On the other side, a middle-aged man who was lying on the ground sneered and sat up slowly. He patted the dust off his body and glanced sideways at the man with the broken wrist.

“And are you any better than me? You’re still pretending and you’ve just woken up yourself. Good for nothing!” The man with the broken wrist grumbled coldy and stood up from the ground.

“How is that the same? I saw the strength of those three people and didn’t dare to make a move. Otherwise it won’t just be our belongings that are gone, we would have lost our lives too.” Although that man was unresigned, he knew when to submit to his fate. He knew clearly that if they were to fight against them they would ultimately lose their lives.

Those people obviously only took their belongings and didn’t hurt anyone, they were as merciful as could be. If the situation had been reversed, they wouldn’t have left anyone alive after they had taken their belongings.

“Speaking of which, who on earth are those people?” The two of them asked and looked at their unconscious subordinates on the ground.

“Hehe, you don’t even know who they are and you dare to make a move against them?”

A voice came from behind. It was the group of people that had left earlier. They had returned and wore a gloating expression on their faces.

“You know who they are?” They often looted around this area and were familiar with each other.

“If I didn’t know, my plight would be the same as you right now.” That man’s gaze swept over them mockingly as he looked at their bare bodies: “Everything is gone? You’re lucky that you’re still alive.”

“Who are those three people?” The man with the broken wrist asked, his heart full of angst at their defeat. Those treasures were all their wealth and they were taken away just like that.

“I don’t know about the other two, but the old man is Sage Hun Yuan from the Nebula Immortal Sect. I have to admire your guts for daring to make a move on him!” The man replied and shook his head. He couldn’t be bothered to deal with them.

When the two men heard this, their faces paled and they felt a sense of astonishment and fear. He was actually Sage Hun Yuan from the Nebula Immortal Sect? The sacred symbol of the Immortal Sect? Oh My God! He is the old thing that one would have to have extremely bad luck to meet.

However, what was more annoying was that the person that took them down wasn’t Sage Hun Yuan but the young boy in azure robe that no one knew where he had come from.

“There is a cave dwelling up ahead, shall we rest there tonight?” The old man pointed to the cave dwelling in front and asked.

“Alright, you both go ahead first. I will go and take a look around to see if there is any wild game.” They had more walking to do and it would just be torture if they had no meat to eat.

“You still want to eat meat in this place? You can forget it. There won’t be any wild game in this place.” The old man waved his hand and said, then walked towards the cave.

Zhuo Junyue glanced at Feng Jiu: “I’ll accompany you! Although wild game is rare, if we are lucky we might just encounter one.”

Feng Jiu rolled her eyes and she said with a smile: “I see. Since there are very few wild animals here, then we should go and get some from other people’s cave dwellings.”

Those people who stayed in this area and robbed other people would no doubt have wild game, so why not get some from them?

Upon hearing this, Zhuo Junyue was stunned. Then a faint smile appeared: “Alright, let’s go and check it out!”

When the old man saw the two of them chatting and walking, he couldn’t help but shake his head: “Influenced by association.”

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