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Chapter 2064: Treasure Robbed

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Feng Jiu smiled and patted her hands, then walked forward at a leisurely pace: “Have you forgotten what I do? I don’t need to lift a finger over such a trivial matter.”

The corner of the old man’s mouth twitched and he muttered under his breath: “How could I forget? You’re a bandit.”

As Zhuo Junyue watched this scene, the corners of his mouth raised slightly into a smile. He glanced at Feng Jiu and followed him forwards.

The people who had fallen onto the ground passed out one by one. Feng Jiu didn’t kill them and only retrieved everything they had on them. Finally, she looked at all her loot.

“Tsk tsk, these people have just about everything. Looks like they rob others quite often. With their strength, how are they able to survive here so well?” She shook her head and murmured softly as she put everything away.

Upon seeing her putting away everything, the old man stared at her and asked: “Are you not going to give us something? You’re just going to keep everything for yourself?”

“Huh? You want some? I thought that since you are the sacred symbol of the Immortal Sect, you would naturally be disdained at the origin of these things. If the news of this matter were to spread, wouldn’t it ruin your reputation?”

The old man grunted when he heard this: “I don’t care!”

“You don’t get anything even if you don’t care. Who was the one who wanted to stop me from coming here earlier? You didn’t even lift a finger, but…” Her eyes turned and she looked at Zhuo Junyue next to her with a smile. She reached out and patted his shoulder: “He should get something.”

“You, you’re biased!” The old man was aggrieved. He couldn’t understand how someone as popular as he was would be so unwelcome with her.

“I’m not biased. Junyue was helping me collect all the loot from these people.” Feng Jiu grinned. She said to Zhuo Junyue, whose hands were still filled with a lot of items: “Keep those few cosmos sacks and the space ring for marrying a wife in the future.”

Upon hearing this, Zhuo Junyue’s mouth twitched. He passed over the things in his hands and said: “No need, you can keep it!”

“Keep it, you’ll have many advantages following me.” She said and patted his shoulder grandly. There was no woman’s tenderness and gentleness in her mannerisms, only a man’s candidness and easy-going attitude.

The old man looked on sourly. He tugged his beard and said angrily to Zhuo Junyue: “Are you a piece of wood? You don’t even know how to keep hold of things handed to you freely. Have you never heard of keeping things given for free for the sake of it?”

Zhuo Junyue glanced at the old man silently then put the things away and said to Feng Jiu: “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. Let’s go! There are more treasures inside.”

She grinned as she spoke. When she walked past one of the men who had fainted, she raised her foot and stepped on his hand. The hand that had been holding on to a sword loosened and the sound of the bones fracturing could be heard. Though there was resistance, the man made no sound.

When the old man and Zhuo Junyue saw this, they didn’t say anything. The three of them walked on as if they were taking a stroll in the back garden of their own home. Perhaps it was because of the loot that they had taken, even under the hot temperature, the smiles on their faces widened.

Not long after the three of them had left, the man whose hand had been trampled on sat up with a horrified expression. Amongst these people, it was him and one other person whose strength was the strongest. Although the drug had caused them to pass out, they regained consciousness very quickly.

Unlike the other person who had woken up, he was unhappy that his belongings had been taken and wanted to make a secret move, who knew…

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