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Chapter 2062: Heaven-Defying Luck

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“Hehe, that’s right. That’s why I’ve come.” He smiled and stroked his beard and continued speaking: “The Dazzling Fire Grass has another name. It is also called Immortal Grass. Apparently it has the miraculous effect of prolonging life, healing all internal injuries, and also the miraculous effect of helping cultivators with fire attributes advance greatly. Of course I want to find one of these plants just in case.”

Feng Jiu looked at him speechlessly. Why was this old man’s thinking so different from others? He came here just to look for the Immortal Grass, just in case? Did he think that his lifespan was insufficient? Or did he think that he would suffer some fatal internal injuries and he had better be prepared for it first?


All of a sudden, she drew a sharp breath when she felt something sharp under her foot. When she moved her foot away slightly to take a look, she saw a sharp black stone protruding out of the ground slightly. The tip of the sharp black stone reflected a shiny light.


She squatted down in surprise and dug out the sharp black stone. The old man and Zhuo Junyue walked over. When they saw the black stone she had dug out, they were both surprised.

They hadn’t expected that she would actually step on a Volcanic Flare Stone just by walking. This kind of luck was just heaven-defying luck.

“Is this the Volcanic Flare Stone? It’s not that shiny!” She held the stone that she had just dug out from the ground in her hand. The Volcanic Flare Stone was about the size of an egg but it had a sharp tip. The stone was buried in the ground and it was the sharp tip that had hurt the sole of her foot that made her notice it.

“This is the Volcanic Flare Stone. Some are bigger than the one in your hand and there are also some that are smaller.” The old man said. He grinned and looked at her: “It’s your heaven-defying luck. I think we will definitely find the Dazzling Fire Grass if I take you to look for it with me.”

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu played with the Volcanic Flame Stone in her hand and looked at the old man with a sly smile: “If I find it I won’t give it to you.”

“If you find it, then naturally it’s yours. I can use something to exchange it with you.” Sage Hun Yuan said. He looked at Feng Jiu: “Don’t worry! I won’t take advantage of you.”

“There is also a Volcanic Flare Stone here too.” Zhuo Junyue’s voice came suddenly and drew their attention.

“Where?” The old man hurried forward and saw Zhuo Junyue had bent down and dug up a fist-sized Volcanic Flare Stone from the ground.

The old man looked on in envy and said in jealousy: “Are the two of you bullying this old man for having poor eyesight? How come I’ve not found any along our walk?”

Upon hearing this, Zhuo Junyue threw the fist-sized Volcanic Flare Stone into his arms: “For you.”

The old man was stunned as he looked at the fist-sized Volcanic Flare Stone in his arms. He said dumbfoundedly: “Do you not want it? This is good stuff.”

“There should be more in this area, I can find more.” Zhuo Junyue said. He slowed down and walked around looking on the ground for anything unusual.

“That’s true.” The old man nodded and put the Volcanic Flare Stone away, then he looked around with him.

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu looked at the Volcanic Flare Stone in her hand and followed them to look around for more. Just as Zhuo Junyue had said, there should be more than those two Volcanic Flare Stones in this area.

However, as they looked around in this area and made joyful sounds from time to time, some people were watching them quietly…

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