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Chapter 2061: Where No Grass Grows

“Oh? There are mercenaries even stronger than the leader?” The old man asked in interest.

“Well, one of the mercenaries is a Mystical Cultivator and his strength is very high. He killed the leader of the opposing mercenary group in one slash.” Zhuo Junyue said. Although by the time he had arrived, he hadn’t seen what had happened, however, judging from the scene, that was indeed the case.

Upon hearing this, the old man tugged his beard and glanced at Feng Jiu: “There are strong exponents everywhere indeed, and those with strong strengths like to hide.”

Feng Jiu pretended that she hadn’t seen the old man’s gaze. She patted Could Devouring’s head, and Cloud Devouring stood up and walked forwards.

Upon seeing this, the old man got onto his contract beast and the three of them wandered into the forest again.

Two days later.

The closer they got to the crater, the less dense the surrounding trees became and the temperature on the ground and in the air also rose.

Due to the rise in temperature, Cloud Devouring was getting tired and panting as he walked. Hence, Feng Jiu placed it in space and continued walking on foot. The old man also put his contract beast into space upon seeing this and the three of them walked slowly together.

“Is the whole of this area so hot?” Feng Jiu asked. She could even feel the heat seep through her shoes when she stepped on the ground. She was sweating non-stop in this heat and she drank quite a lot of water along the way.

“We are very close to the crater. There are still some trees here, but if you go further, you won’t see a single tree, let alone weeds on the ground. Even beasts don’t come to this area.”

The old man raised his sleeves and wiped off his sweat as he spoke: “However, in this vicinity you can pay more attention to the black stones in the mud under your feet. The black stones that glow are Volcanic Flare Stones. They have fire attributes and are excellent for the cultivation of people with fire attributes.”

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu glanced at the stones on the ground that she stepped on. The ground was very dry and there was not a single blade of grass in this area at all. As for the black stones that glowed the old man talked about, she saw none of them.

“The volcano here erupts once every three months. You should pay special attention to the rock magma and make sure you don’t get splashed by it. If you get splashed by the rock magma in here, no medicine will be able to cure it. The fire is so powerful that if you’re not careful you could lose your life.”

The old man warned them as they walked: “However, there is another treasure here other than the Volcanic Flame Stone.”

When Feng Jiu heard this, she looked at him and asked curiously: “What treasure?”

“It is the Dazzling Fire Grass, a type of spirit herb that grows halfway up the mountain. It is said that this Dazzling Fire Grass is very versatile and precious and is an elixir that is only produced once every hundred years. It is very spiritual and absorbs the Volcanic Flare Stone to supplement itself. When the volcano erupts, it moves away to another place. Once the eruption is over, it will reappear halfway up the mountain once again. It seems that only a few of these plants have been seen over the years.”

Feng Jiu was slightly surprised: “It can move by itself? Is that a magical spirit herb?”

When the old man heard this, he looked at Feng Jiu and said: “The volcano erupts once every three months, how can it have time to transform into a magical spirit herb? It is said that the herb is naturally like that and can only be found in this place. You won’t find it anywhere else.”

“So, have you come here for it?” Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

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