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Chapter 2060: There’s a strong exponent in the team

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“What kind of thing?” Feng Jiu looked at him and asked.

“It’s their family, of course! In the Zhuo clan, although his father is the eldest son, he was miserable and treated like a collateral relative. He was suppressed everywhere by his second uncle. As for his grandmother, although she is still alive, she has been living in seclusion because of poor health and didn’t take care of things. The boy and his family are just like little weeds in the Zhuo family. Otherwise, the boy won’t be with me.”

Feng Jiu was surprised. “Is there such a thing?” Her mind moved. “Is his father perhaps…” She had something to ask but felt that it didn’t seem very good.

“Do you want to ask if his father is not the blood of the Zhuo family?” The old man stroked his beard and squinted with a smile. “In fact, the old man doesn’t inquire about things related to their family bloodline. So I really don’t know much about it. If you want to know, you can inquire about it yourself.”

After listening to this, Feng Jiu turned it over in her mind. It seemed that she had to let the Feng Guards inquire about this matter. Maybe there really was something to do with it.

“But the old man told you, do you know why I call him a dull guy? Actually, he… ” The old man was suddenly in high spirits. He stood there and talked to Feng Jiu about Zhuo Junyue.

In a different place, everyone in the Fierce Tigers Mercenary Group stood in a daze, staring at the corpses on the ground for a long time before turning their eyes to Guan Xilin, who was standing with a broadsword in his hand.

They only knew that Guan Xilin was a new member, moreover, he was only a temporary member. He had only worked with them twice. As usual, he looked no different from other mercenaries, just more reticent than others.

Who would have thought that such an inconspicuous mercenary played such a big role in this battle and brought them such an incredible shock…

In contrast to their stupefaction, Guan Xilin strode to the pale mercenary leader who sat on the side. “How are you, Leader?”

“I’m fine.” Even though he was pale, he was excited and in good spirits.

He looked at Guan Xilin, who was half squatting in front of him, and showed a grateful smile. “Little Guan, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I would have lost my life.”

“What are you talking about, Leader? This is my duty.” Guan Xilin said, then looked at the others. “Brothers, you’re all injured. Let’s find a place to dress the wounds first.”

“Yes, it’s not suitable to stay here for a long time. Clean up the place, let’s leave quickly and find a place to dress the wounds.” The Fierce Tigers Mercenary Group’s leader spoke with gasps, his voice feeble.


They all quickly clean up the place. Those with light injuries held those who were seriously injured. The party then left quickly.

And in the hidden place, Zhuo Junyue retracted his gaze after seeing this scene and then left quietly.

The two people who were talking heard the noise and knew that he had come back, so they looked in his direction at the same time. When the old man saw him coming back so soon, he asked, “How was it going? Who did those mercenaries encounter? Are they still alive?”

“They encountered the Death Mercenary Group.” Zhuo Junyue answered and paused a bit. Immediately, the old man’s astonished voice was heard.

“The Death Mercenary Group? It’s over, it’s over. Aren’t they all dead? How can they fight those people with their strength?”

Zhuo Junyue glanced at him and answered lightly. “They aren’t dead. There’s a strong exponent in their team.”

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