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Chapter 2026: Where is the young man?

The Chai Clan mumbled their questions. They look like they were lost. A lot of them had been bitten by the man-eating ants. If things would happen as he said, then, wouldn’t they end up dead?

“What solution can I find? I have no medical skills.” Sage Hun Yuan said angrily. His eyes were still roving around the place, wondering, why didn’t he see the two kids?

“Senior Uncle, can’t we solve it even if we have antidote pills? I just took one. It’s a fourth-grade medicinal pill. Should it work? ” Fan Yixiu asked, looking pale and downhearted.

In order to have a chance of survival, he even took the fourth-grade antidote pill given to him by his father. He just had no idea whether it would work.

“The reason why this man-eating ant is one of the five poisons in the volcanic forest is that they are used to the high temperature from the volcano all year-round. They are not ordinary man-eating ants. Every man-eating ant has the poisonous fire on its tail, but the old man has not heard of anyone who has been bitten.”

“Then, then, is it hopeless for us?” One of them murmured.

Sage Hun Yuan glanced at them, stroked his beard and said slowly. “I don’t say that it’s totally hopeless.”

When the people who had already felt desperate heard his words, a glimmer of hope raised again in their hearts. “Please Immortal Lord, show us a way to survive.”

“That little scoundrel. It’s up to the little scoundrel to save you.”

Sage Hun Yuan let out a snort. From their looks, they had no idea that a little scoundrel possessing brilliant medical skills existed in their clan. And they had been trying to save him? They held the life-saving treasure in their arms, but they didn’t know how to use it. These people really lived in vain.

Little scoundrel?

Everyone wondered, thought about it, then asked cautiously. “Is that Little Jiu?”

“Who else? That little scoundrel has brilliant medical skills! If he wants to save you, you will live.” Like that time, he could also solve the medicine. He believed that this man-eating ants’ poisonous fire would pose no difficulty for him.

The crowd was shocked. They suddenly looked around and found that the young man in azure was not here, neither was the man surnamed Zhuo. They couldn’t help but tremble. They had taken care of their own lives and forgot the young man. Would he get bitten by the man-eating ants?

“He, he’s not here…”

Chai Feng also reacted “Is it possible that Little Jiu encountered danger? Why isn’t he with us? I’ll go back and look for him!”

“I’ll go with you. The others rest here.” Second Master Chai said, then told the others. “If they come back, please ask him to take a look at your wound. If we can’t find him, we will come back as soon as possible.”

As he said this, he told Sage Hun Yuan. “Immortal Lord, please help keep an eye on these people here. We’ll be right back.”

“Go, go ahead!” Thinking that the Chai family was the little scoundrel’s clan, Sage Hun Yuan didn’t give them dirty looks, but waved his hand and found a place to sit down.

Although he did not hold much hope for that boy’s skill, with that wooden man Zhuo Junyue in tow, he wouldn’t be dead. He believed they lost their way in the woods!

Of course, Feng Jiu and Zhuo Junyue were indeed in the forest at this time. However, they did not lose their way but walked back. Zhuo Junyue was not talkative and he did not know her intention. When he saw her walking back, he just followed and protected her without asking questions. It was not until they arrived at the place where they had encountered the man-eating ants that the young man stopped.

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