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Chapter 2027: Still alive

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Watching the youth rummaging around, Zhuo Junyue opened his mouth. “Those man-eating ants have just returned to the nest. Be careful, if you search randomly here, they will come out again.”

“They won’t.” Feng Jiu never looked back as she answered.

“What are you looking for? Do you need help?” He followed her while paying attention to the movements around him.

“Purple wood grass, there should be some in this area. Help me look for it. Its leaves are pointed, green at the top and purple at the bottom. Its bone stem is purple like a branch. Look for it. ” Feng Jiu bent her waist to search among the grass.

When he heard this, Zhuo Junyue also pushed the grass and looked around for a long time. Zhuo Junyue saw the purple wood grass mentioned by Feng Jiu under a tree and dug it out. “Take a look, is this the grass?”

Feng Jiu looked back and saw Zhuo Jun Yue, a few meters away, with a purple wood grass in his hand. She walked over and smiled. “Yes, this is it. Let’s look again, there should be more. One plant is not enough.”


So, the two of them were searching in this area. At this time, they heard the faint sound of people calling out from the forest.

“Little Jiu! Little Jiu!”

“Young Master Zhuo! Young Master Zhuo!”

“Little Jiu! Young Master Zhuo!”

The two of them, who had already dug up several purple wood grass plants, straightened up and looked at each other. “It seems to be Chai Feng.”

“Are these enough? If so, let’s go back!” Zhuo Junyue said.

Feng Jiu looked at the purple wood grass in her hand and nodded: “Mm, good enough. Let’s go!” She guessed those people couldn’t wait any longer.

“Little Jiu! Little Jiu! Young Master Zhuo! Where are you?” Chai Feng shouted all over the forest. They followed the previous route but did not see the two people’s figures.

“Second Uncle, could they have…” Chai Feng could not help but think negatively that it would be difficult to escape if they were surrounded by the man-eating ants.

“Look again! Master Zhuo is not an ordinary person. Even if Little Jiu’s strength is not good enough, Master Zhuo can also protect him.” Second Master Chai said and kept walking.

Feng Jiu, who was coming this way, could not help but tug the corner of her mouth when he heard their words. Her strength was not good enough? Okay! Who told her to press down her strength to the Golden Core initial stage? She did look a bit weak. She didn’t blame them for thinking she’s not good enough.

“Ah! Little Jiu! Young Master Zhuo!” Chai Feng saw two people coming. He shouted in surprise and walked towards them quickly.

“Young Master Zhuo, Little Jiu, I’m so glad you’re all right!” When Second Master Chai saw that the two of them were still alive, he breathed a sigh of relief. He hurriedly said to Feng Jiu, “Little Jiu, many people have been bitten by the man-eating ants. Immortal Lord Hun Yuan said that your medical skills can save everyone. Please save all of them!”

When Zhuo Junyue heard this, he felt a little strange, but he couldn’t say where. He just looked at the youth next to him.

Feng Jiu smiled. “Let’s go back and talk about it.”

“Well, alright. Let’s go back quickly. Immortal Lord said that the man-eating ants’ poisonous heat is very powerful. I don’t know how they are now.” Second Master Chai remarked, worried about his clan’s members. Immediately, he hurried back with them.

At this time, the people who were resting by the stream gradually showed symptoms in their bodies. Those who were bitten felt hot all over but they oozed cold sweats. Their faces flushed as their body temperatures rose. They fell to the ground wailing one by one. Some of them with serious symptoms even began to vomit. The situation was very bad.

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