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Chapter 2011: Feng Jiu Presents A Plan

The people from the Chai Family looked at the people that had emerged from the forest. There were about fifty or sixty or so members of the Scorpion Mercenary Group, and most of them were Celestial Strong Exponents. They also specialised in looting and used brutal methods. They had amazing combat effectiveness and they feared that if they were to exchange blows, they would suffer serious casualties.

The most important point was that the Scorpion Mercenary Group was more cruel to women and there were many women in their group. If they were to fall into their hands their lives would be living hell and they would be better off dead.

He pondered, then walked forward and bowed respectfully: “My good sir, we have no intention of offending you. If you will allow us to leave safely we are willing to leave some of our belongings for you.”

Upon hearing this, the Scorpion Mercenary Group men laughed loudly: “Leave some belongings? Hahahaha! Old man, are you confused? We don’t want all of your belongings, we don’t want any of those delicate beauties and we will just let you go? All for just a bit of your belongings? Hahahaha! If that was the case, how can we, the Scorpion Mercenary Group, still survive in this Volcanic Forest?”

Feng Jiu who was being protected in the middle looked at the situation in front of her, and saw Chai Second Master trying to make peace and seeking a chance for survival, her eyes flashed and she tugged the sleeves of the young man next to her, whose face was full of worry.

“Little Jiu? Are you afraid?” Chai Feng glanced at the young boy next to him and said in a low voice: “Just watch the situation later on. If we can’t defeat them you run away with your senior sisters.”

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu smiled lightly. She pulled him back and motioned for him to lower his head. When Chai Feng saw that, he glanced in front of him. He saw that his Second Master was in discussion with those people, hence, he lowered his head and drew closer to the young boy: “What is it? Tell me.”

“Brother Chai, do you think we stand a chance if we fight?” Feng Jiu asked.

Chai Feng shook his head solemnly: “There’s no chance of us winning. I’m afraid we will suffer serious injuries and death. The opponents are mercenaries who have combat experience while most of us have only just come out for an experience for the first time. If we really fight, I’m afraid…”

“I have a plan. Will you do as I say?” She whispered. When she saw his puzzled look, she added: “My method might save everyone’s lives.”

Feng Chai’s eyes brightened when he heard this and determination filled his eyes: “Tell me! If I can save everyone’s lives I will not hesitate even if it means sacrificing my own life!”

Feng Jiu smiled and whispered her idea into his ear and handed him a bag of things. She looked at him and said quietly: “Success or failure depends on you.”

Although Chai Feng had doubts in his heart and wasn’t sure if the plan was feasible, there was no other option at the present and he could see that the other party was not going to let them go easily. Therefore, he nodded at Feng Jiu, took a deep breath and held the things in his hand tightly.

At this moment, the leader of the Scorpion Mercenary Group laughed arrogantly: “Kill the men! The women will be brought back to service our brothers!”

“Yes! Hahahahahaha….” The men of the Scorpion Mercenary Group responded loudly. They laughed with excitement as they looked at the beautiful women who were being guarded in the middle of the group, impatience unconcealed in their voices.

“Take those ladies home!” The Scorpion Mercenary Group men raised their swords in their hands to the sky and shouted. Just as they were about to take action, they were interrupted by a sudden scene.

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