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Chapter 2010: Scorpion Mercenary Group

“Thank you.” Fan Yixiu took a sip of the water and looked over at the young boy in azure who was busy barbequing.

Chai Second Master who was sitting opposite him followed his gaze. His eyes fell on the young boy in azure and he smiled: “Little Jiu has a likeable personality and he seems honest and trustworthy.”

“Yes!” Fan Yixiu smiled and nodded. After he retracted his gaze, he chatted with Chai Second Master about the Volcanic Flare Stone.

On the other side, Feng Jiu soon became acquainted with the Chai Family through her barbeque skills. She called out Elder Brother, Sister, and so on which made the people delighted and wanted to take special care of her.

“The roast meat is here, have a taste of it. It’s just finished cooking and the taste is really good.” Feng Jiu brought over the barbequed meat then ran back to the barbeque area to help. For a while, the forest was filled with a strong scent of meat and sounds of laughter from everyone.

After they had finished eating the roast meat, Chai Second Master said: “It’s time to go, we shouldn’t stay here for too long.”

“Alright.” Fan Yixiu nodded in response. He told everyone and then followed the Chai Family’s team into the forest.

Feng Jiu followed the team and stayed close to the young man, the two of them talked and laughed along the way. They weren’t at the front nor the back of the group but were in the middle.

Suddenly, the team at the front had stopped. Chai Second Master who was leading the team gestured and the surrounding people gathered round vigilantly. Their backs were to each other and they faced the outside, at the same time, their hands were on their weapons ready to take action at any time.

Fan Yixiu and the others also watched the surroundings vigilantly. Though they were being guarded by the mercenaries, they didn’t dare relax for one moment. Then, they heard a loud laugh.


The laughter was accompanied by strong men in mercenary uniform that emerged from the surrounding forest. Everyone of them were at least at the level of Celestial Strong Exponent. The evil and murderous aura was extremely prominent and it made everyone feel very uneasy.

The mercenaries who were protecting Fan Yixiu and his team had recognised who the other party was and couldn’t help but gasp: “It’s the Scorpion Mercenary Group!” Their faces paled and fear could be seen in their eyes.

Every mercenary in this area knew of the Scorpion Mercenary Group’s infamous name for looting. These men specialised in looting and those who resisted were killed. The men were often killed after they had been robbed and the women’s fate was even worse. Those with ordinary looks were killed after they’ve had their fun with them. If they encountered women who were good-looking, they would lock them up after they’ve had their fun with them and keep them as their play-thing. Their methods were cruel and terrifying.

“What Scorpion Mercenary Group?” Several girls from the Nebula Immortal Sect didn’t know about their reputation and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice.

However, the mercenaries who were protecting were pursing their lips and the expressions on their faces were of terror. They were unable to speak a word.

Fan Yixiu had heard of the Scorpion Mercenary Group. At this moment, when he saw that those people had a red mark of a scorpion on their faces, his heart sank. He lowered his voice and spoke to the people around him: “The situation will get ugly soon, you should go first, run straight out of the Volcanic Forest and don’t stop.”

The other two sect members’ hearts also sank when they saw the faces of the mercenaries who were protecting them, and even the faces of the elders in the Chai Family had changed.

It seemed they were in trouble. They just hadn’t expected to encounter such a tricky situation so soon after entering the innermost area.

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