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Chapter 2008: Walk In The Forest

“Eldest Senior Brother, Master asked us to find the Volcanic Flare Stone, but my father said that the Volcanic Flare Stone is very rare and it only appears when the volcano erupts. Although we have hired mercenaries to escort us, I still feel that this trip is dangerous. I’m afraid that we may not leave this place alive.” One of the women said in a low voice, a little worriedly.

One of the older men in the group said warmly: “Don’t worry, just consider this event as an experience! It’s not the first time we have gone out for an experience after all. Don’t think too much into it.”

Upon hearing this, one of the other woman said: “But we’ve come to such a dangerous place, why doesn’t Master come with us? If there is an accident, then…”

The group of people were silent and speechless for a while. Their Master had ordered them to go down the mountain and go to the Volcanic Forest to search for something called the Volcanic Flare Stone. However, other than giving them a few self-defense items, there were no elders leading their team. It was precisely because of this point that after some discussion, they had decided to hire a team of mercenaries.

The mercenaries laughed after they had heard their conversation: “Don’t worry too much, we are in the outermost area of the Volcanic Forest at the moment. Even if we are to meet with danger, it will only be in the innermost area of the forest. However, if you feel that it is too dangerous, you can walk through the innermost area of the forest and come back out. There is no need to wait for the volcano to erupt, as it only does so once every three months.”

“Furthermore, the Volcanic Flare Stone may be found in some areas of the innermost area of the forest. After all, there’s no telling that every time the volcano erupts, all the Volcanic Flare Stones would be picked up. Don’t you think so?”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu’s eyes moved slightly and a thought formed in her mind.

Rather than entering the forest by herself and finding her own way, she would be better off joining other groups of people and entering the forest together. That way, even if Han Rong had any defences prepared, he would never have expected her to go in with a team.

Once this thought had formed in her head, she decided that she would integrate into the group of people below. The six men and women looked like they knew martial arts, it shouldn’t be difficult to join them!

Her eyes darted around as her mind spun with thoughts, trying to think of how she would join these people and walk through the forest. What method should she use?

There was a flash in her mind and a smile appeared on her lips. She looked down at those people as an inexplicable smile appeared on her face.

As the sky got brighter, those people extinguished the fire and continued on their journey. Behind them, Feng Jiu followed them at leisure while she waited for the right time.

She had followed them through the forest for two days and entered the innermost area when the right opportunity had finally arrived.

“Oh? Your family clan has come out for an experience? Since we are all going to the volcano, why don’t we travel together?” Several sect disciples had suggested when they saw that the other party consisted of thirty or forty people. Moreover, with elders leading the way, they would be stronger, hence they wanted to travel with them as it would be safer.

Seeing as they were the disciples of Nebula Immortal Immortal Sect, one of the Four Great Sects, the people of the family clan agreed and extended a signal of friendship towards them: “Of course, it is safer to walk in groups anyway.”

After all, they knew their background. If it had been other people, naturally they wouldn’t have invited them to travel together. However, every disciple from the Nebula Immortal Sect came from big family clans, so if they were able to befriend the younger generation, it would benefit them.

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