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Chapter 2007: Volcanic Forest


Gray Wolf sighed softly: “I suppose, with the Ghost Doctor’s strength, there are very few people who can hurt her. Moreover, she is also crafty and whoever is on the receiving end of her schemes will surely suffer.”

As he spoke, he saw Shadow One beside him look at him weirdly. He smiled slightly: “I was only saying it casually.” No matter how crafty the Ghost Doctor was, it was not something that they could talk about. Fortunately their Master wasn’t around or he would surely suffer punishment had their Master heard what he had said.

Over the next few days, Feng Jiu spent her time at Heavenly Pill Tower. She was refining pills and potions before she left so that they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by a shortage of supply while she was away.

A few days later, Feng Jiu returned to the Feng Manor after she had finished handling matters at Heavenly Pill Tower. In the evening, after she had changed her clothes and disguised her face, she walked alone to the West Gate and set off on the road by herself.

Among the four city gates in Hundred Rivers City, upon leaving the West Gate, one would find themselves on the mountain road. There were usually fewer travellers on this road. After she had walked out of the city gate, she took out the Aurora Teleportation Device.

“I should be able to gather the light emitted from the Aurora Teleportation Device. I was able to figure out how to work the device the last two times but the light was too dazzling when it was activated and it would likely attract fatal trouble.”

She whispered to herself softly, deep in thought, as she held the Aurora Teleportation Device. She was not in a hurry to activate the device this time, therefore, before she had activated the device, she thought about it repeatedly, and finally, she turned on the Aurora Teleportation Device and whispered Volcanic Forest in her heart.

Almost as soon as she had whispered the destination in her heart, she was wrapped in light and became transparent, then she disappeared from where she was standing with a swoosh. However, this time, she didn’t flash across the sky and there was no dazzling light.

When Feng Jiu had arrived at her destination, she didn’t drop from the sky like she did the last time either. Instead, she appeared on the ground where she stabilised her body gradually. She looked at the dark surroundings and couldn’t help but smile.

“So this is the correct way to use the Aurora Teleportation Device, it’s so much more convenient.” She flicked her clothes and adjusted them before she moved forward.

This is the Volcanic Forest?

This must be the outermost area of the forest! According to the information gathered, the forest was surrounded by sparse trees and the temperature was high. It was nighttime and through the moonlight, the lush greenery of the trees were visible. With the night breeze, the forest felt cool. This should be the outermost area of the Volcanic Forest.

It was more convenient traveling alone. She walked lightly across the forest, her cyan figure blended in with the greenery in the forest. If one weren’t observing closely, it would be difficult to see a human figure moving through the forest.

She walked lightly on her toes until she saw a faint light coming from ahead. She heard a voice speaking and slowed down instinctively. She lifted herself up and stood among the branches looking at the group of people sitting in the forest.

The group of people consisted of men and women, and some of them looked like mercenaries. A few of them appeared to be the head of the mercenaries. The two dozens of people were split into two groups and they sat between two fires talking to each other.

She noticed that although the clothes the head of the mercenaries wore weren’t magnificent, they were also not made of materials that ordinary people could afford to wear. Moreover, those few men didn’t appear to be that old either. Other than two or three men in their twenties and thirties, there were three girls who were about seventeen or eighteen years old. The faces of the men and women were remarkable.

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