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Chapter 1992: Giving fruit as a parting gift

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Feng Jiu was astonished to see the magical and immortal artifacts as well as the spirit herbs spread over the table. She didn’t expect Immortal Lord Stillwater to have such a large collection of things and each one of the items looked good.

“Choose whatever you like.” Immortal Lord Stillwater said, giving them to her to pick out, while he looked at the medicinal pills and potions.

Feng Jiu took her time to pick and choose, and finally took quite a few immortal artifacts that could save one’s life and a few aged precious spirit herbs. Lastly, she returned the remaining items to him.

“Immortal Lord, I just want these.” She pointed to the ones she had picked out.

Immortal Lord Stillwater took a glance and nodded. “You’re not greedy.” She didn’t take everything in his possession.

Feng Jiu smiled without giving any reply and took another bottle of medicinal pill. “This is the Unique Fragrance Pill. It also has the effect of avoiding poisons. Immortal Lord can keep it, too!”

“This old man won’t take advantage of you either. These two are for you.” Immortal Lord Stillwater took Feng Jiu’s pills and chose two self-defence magical artifacts for her.

“That being the case, I shall accept it without any reservation.” She smiled and collected the things. Some of these were allocated to Leng Hua and others to protect themselves.

“We’re leaving tomorrow, go to bed early tonight.” Immortal Lord Stillwater stood up, told Xuanyuan Mo Ze, then turned around and went back to the Ling Mansion.

After the old man left, Feng Jiu took out the things from her space. “I went shopping before going home. Carry them in your space, you may need them later. In addition, I had more than ten sets of clothes made for you a few days ago. Take them with you.”

“And this is for you, too.”

She handed him a spirit fruit packed in an icebox. “This is the spirit fruit of the bottle tree in the space. Old White stole one to eat that time and it transformed into a white dragon. Later, I found out that if beasts eat this fruit, they can mutate and advance their strength. Immortal cultivators can also improve their cultivation strength. If one is lucky, he can also generate a mutant spiritual root from it.”

“Mutant spiritual root?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze was amazed. “Is this the spirit fruit?”

“Mm. I read about it from an ancient book, but I haven’t eaten it myself. I don’t know whether it’s true or not. Moreover, there are only a few fruits on the bottle tree. I learned from the ancient book that this kind of bottle tree blossoms and bears fruits in a hundred years and only produces a few fruits at one time. When you go abroad this time, you will have a chance to take the fruit and see the effect!”

“Mm.” He nodded and said, “Don’t let anyone else know about the fruit, or you’ll be in trouble.”

“I know.” She answered softly. “Rather, you must pay attention to your safety when you go abroad this time. Don’t be careless. You must come back safely and see me.”

With his lips curved up, Xuanyuan Mo Ze held her hand. “I know, don’t worry!”

“I asked the kitchen to prepare some food and wine. Let’s go to the front pavilion to eat!” Feng Jiu suggested.


He took her by the hand and went out. They took a walk around the garden before sitting down in the pavilion. They chatted for a while, and a short time later, the servants brought some food and wine.

The two of them enjoyed the calm and quiet in the pavilion until it was getting dark before they returned to the courtyard to rest.

Early morning the next day, Feng Jiu came to the Ling Mansion to send off Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Immortal Lord Stillwater.

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