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Chapter 1991: Exchanges

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Yang Xiao Er didn’t really understand Feng Jiu’s explanation and only looked at her blankly. After quite a while, she asked, “Sister Feng, can you help me to slim down?”

“You have to move more and sweat more. As long as you have a strong resolve, you can lose weight without my help.” After taking a look at her, Feng Jiu smiled again. “But, don’t get too thin. A little chubby is quite cute, too.”

Hearing this, Yang Xiao Er secretly made up her mind to change herself. So, after taking a stroll with Feng Jiu for a while, she went home first.

Seeing Yang Xiao Er’s previous low mood had disappeared, Feng Jiu smiled and then went home to the Feng Mansion.

In the Ling Mansion, Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Immortal Lord Stillwater had already discussed their departure time and set it to be the next day. Although Xuanyuan Mo Ze felt it to be a bit rushed, he thought that leaving and returning early was a good idea.

“I’d like to see Feng Jiu again tonight.” Immortal Lord Stillwater told Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze took a glance at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I want to exchange a few more medicinal pills from her.” Immortal Lord Stillwater answered straightforwardly without concealing his plan.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze got up and took him to the Feng Mansion. Immortal Lord Stillwater was surprised when they passed the small gate between the two Mansions. These two Mansions were actually separated by a wall and connected here? He had been staying here for a few days, yet he hadn’t found out until today.

When they arrived at the Feng Mansion, Feng Jiu still hadn’t returned. They sat in the courtyard for a while and drank a cup of tea. Gray Wolf stepped in quickly. “Master, Ghost Doctor is back.”

Feng Jiu walked into the courtyard leisurely. When she saw the two men sitting inside, she froze for a moment and then resumed her pace. “Immortal Lord, Ze, why are you here?” She didn’t expect to see both of them sitting in this courtyard.

“My master wants to exchange a few medicinal pills with you.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze answered. His dark eyes gazed at Feng Jiu with a smile.

When she met his gaze, she understood immediately. She walked up to the table and sat down, then asked Immortal Lord Stillwater with a smile. “What kind of medicinal pill would Immortal Lord like?”

He looked at her and asked again, “Are there any magical artifacts that you need? Aged spirit herbs are probably not much left, but I have many magical and immortal artifacts to exchange with your medicinal pills and potions.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu looked at each other. The former kept quiet and only took a sip of tea, while the latter smiled, took three medicine bottles from her space and put them on the table, then took another bottle of potion.

“I know that Immortal Lord has exchanged two medicinal pills. But, I wonder if these few suit Immortal Lord’s liking?”

Immortal Lord Stillwater took a look at her, then his gaze fell on the bottles in front of him. “What kind of medicinal pills are these and what are their functions?”

“This is for internal alchemy. No matter how serious internal injuries you have, you can cure them. The bottle in the middle is the sixth-grade antidote pill. I’m sure Immortal Lord knows that this pill can solve all kinds of poisons, so I won’t explain more. As for this bottle, it’s the muscle regeneration and hemostasis powder. It’s hard to avoid injuries when you’re travelling outside. This bottle of medicine can be used for all injuries.”

She explained slowly. After a brief pause, she took the last bottle of potion. “As long as one takes this potion, his strength will advance in an instant. This is a treasure that can help one to survive at a critical moment. These four kinds, I think should be the items Immortal Lord most need. What do you think?”

Immortal Lord Stillwater nodded and then took four items from his space.

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