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Chapter 1993: The Medicine Order

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“Immortal Lord, Ze will cross the seas with you. Although the return date is still unknown, I hope he will be all right whenever he comes back.” She said, looking at Immortal Lord Stillwater.

Upon hearing this, Immortal Lord Stillwater’s eyes flashed. “Don’t worry! I will do everything in my power to bring him back safely.”

Her words warmed Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s heart. He put his hand around her and kissed her forehead. “Rest assured! Don’t worry about me. Just take care of yourself. ”

“Mm hmm, you too.” She put her arm around his waist and greedily smelled his scent for a long time before letting him go. “Take good care of yourself on the way.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at her deeply, then turned to leave with his master. The two men took the flying swords directly out of the mansion gate and soon disappeared from sight.

“Ghost Doctor, please don’t worry. Master will come back safely.” Gray Wolf said from behind. Both he and Shadow One were left behind. Their master just left alone with Immortal Lord Stillwater. He did not know when his master would come back.

“Mm. Let’s go back!” Feng Jiu turned around and returned to the mansion.

In the next few days, she sometimes cultivated in the mansion and sometimes she went to the Heavenly Pill Tower to refine medicinal pills. The days gradually became busy. Apart from the Hundred Rivers City’s residents, people from other towns also came to the Heavenly Pill Tower to purchase medicinal pills after hearing the news. At first, however, only some commoners and cultivators came. After a day or two later, the people who frequented the place were only people of status.

It’s because the Heavenly Pill Tower’s medicinal pills were not cheap. Not to mention that ordinary people couldn’t afford them, even some ordinary loose cultivators also had no way to purchase them. Those on the second floor, which still required some aged spirit herbs to exchange, were even unaffordable.

Most of the medicinal pills that Feng Jiu refined used dozens of precious spirit herbs. Naturally, the price couldn’t be close to the commoner’s budget. The Heavenly Pill Tower had no low-grade medicinal pills, so gradually, only people with status patronized the place.

“Mistress, the Alchemist Guild’s president is here again. He says that he wants to see you.” Leng Hua came to the rear courtyard, watching the mistress select herbs in the courtyard.

“I won’t see him.” Feng Jiu didn’t even lift her head.

After hearing her reply, Leng Hua paused for a moment, and then said, “Then Subordinate will give them this reply.” Although he thought it best to meet with the President of the Alchemist Guild, it was obvious that the mistress had no interest in them either. He just didn’t know whether the rejection would make them hold a grudge in their hearts. After all, President Fan had come to see her many times.

Just as Leng Hua turned to leave, Du Fan walked in. “Mistress, a man came today to ask for medicine with a medicine order. This is the medicine order.”

Feng Jiu glanced at the medicine order and asked, “What medicine did that man ask for?” While speaking, her hands were still busy selecting the herbs.

The Heavenly Pill Tower had issued some medicine orders and medicinal pills. Any alchemist or anyone possessing a medicine order could come to her to ask for the corresponding medicine as long as he prepared what she wanted.

“The man said that he would not say anything until he saw the master. ” Du Fan said with his head bowed slightly.

Feng Jiu stopped moving her hands. She patted the dust on her hands and said leisurely, “In that case, show him in. I’ll take a look.”

“Yes.” Du Fan answered and then walked out.

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