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Chapter 1972: Dealt With

The crowd couldn’t help but exclaim and looked at the woman in red who had spoken. In an instant, all eyes had landed on the dazzling red figure.

She was an extremely beautiful woman, her face was amazing. Anyone who only looked at that face would feel shock, let alone the outstanding and unique disposition.

In the realm of cultivating immortals, there were many women with beautiful faces. They had long seen so many beauties that they were immune to the beauty of women. However, when they saw this woman, they couldn’t help but be stunned, and they couldn’t help but complimented her secretly, what a majestic beauty.

The dazzling red dress accentuated her beautiful face and made her even more eye-catching. That exquisite figure, the laidback and amorous feeling she gave off, the moving look between her eyes and the faint charming smile on her lips all exuded a unique charm that caused people to hold their breaths and their heartbeats to accelerate.

This was a superb, enchanting beauty who charmed people with her every move and smile…

However, it so happened that this beautiful and enchanting woman also had a wantonness between her eyebrows and a confidence that made her stand out and look different.

Such a woman was the owner of Heavenly Pill Tower? All those pills were made by her?

Everyone was shocked and felt a little weird when they thought about this. They had thought that the person who refined those superb elixirs would definitely be a white-haired old man. They hadn’t expected the person to be such an enchanting beauty.

Not only everyone in the surrounding area were shocked and in disbelief, even the four people who were standing in front of Heavenly Pill Tower looked at the red-clothed woman with shock and disbelief in their eyes.

This woman actually had two unique auras, enchanting and cold, and that unique disposition was something none of these people had ever seen in a person before.

As for Xuanyuan Mo Ze, he was standing beside Feng Jiu and wore a silver mask on his face. Although his face was concealed, the aura of his strength still made the four people fearful as they were faintly aware of his dangerous breath.

If this dazzling red-clothed woman made them vigilant, then the black-robed man in the silver mask made them fearful. Even if his breath wasn’t exposed, the black-robed man who stood next to the woman in red still felt very dangerous to them.

The three of them looked at the gray robed old man and waited for him to make the decision.

Upon seeing this, the gray robed old man said in a calm voice: “A person barged into your building earlier and I hope that you will return that person to us.”

“Oh? The person earlier?” Feng Jiu played with the hair that had fallen on her chest and smiled: “That person has been severely poisoned and his internal organs have been damaged. Isn’t he unable to live?”

“We have orders from our Master, if he is alive we have to see him, if he is dead we have to see his corpse! It’s better if you hand the person over to us.” The gray robed old man said in a solemn voice and his brows twisted tightly as he spoke.

If he wasn’t fearful of them, he wouldn’t have said so much to them. If they were someone else, he would have made a move ages ago.

Feng Jiu smiled when she heard this: “That’s really unfortunate. That person has disturbed the grand opening of my Heavenly Pill Tower today and he has been dealt with by my subordinates. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to see his corpse even if you wanted to.”

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