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Chapter 1958: Please Come In

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“Take a sniff. The fragrance is really the strongest here.”

“This medicinal fragrance really came from the Heavenly Pill Tower! I wonder what kind of medicinal pill it is? Why does it give off such a unique fragrance?”

“Even before dawn, this inner street of West City is already packed with people. Look, this place used to be deserted but now so many stalls are in it. There are even more people than the central area of the East Gate.”

“I heard that many merchants want to rent the shops next to the tower, but that place belongs to the Yang Family. The Yang Family’s shops on these two street blocks have always been empty. Looking at this situation today, those will be snapped up.”

“I really want to go in and have a look inside the Heavenly Pill Tower. It’s bright already, why haven’t they opened the door yet?”

People around the building were talking. They couldn’t wait to go inside and have a look. However, even though more and more people were coming and it was getting later in the day, the Heavenly Pill Tower still hadn’t opened its door.

Behind the building, Feng Jiu who had just finished refining a batch of medicinal pills told her subordinates to carry them inside and placed them on the counter at the middle of the building. After everything was ready, she glanced at Leng Hua and Du Fan and told them with a smile. “Now that everything is ready, let’s open the door when it’s the Dragon Hour1!”

“Yes!” The two of them replied and watched their mistress go up the stairs. When it was the opening time and all the goods were ready, they opened the tower gate.

When the door of the Heavenly Pill Tower was opened, they saw the crowded streets outside. Du Fan and Leng Hua looked at each other and smiled.

“The door is open, it’s open!”

The crowd exclaimed in surprise when they saw the building door open. They rushed in and pushed the others to try to squeeze in, making the scene chaotic.

Du Fan’s voice, infused with spirit energy, rang out. “Everyone! Please wait, don’t force your way in!”

As soon as they heard his voice, the crowd turned quiet and stopped squeezing the others aside. They all looked at the two men standing at the door of the Heavenly Pill Tower and were surprised at their young age.

“Today is our Heavenly Pill Tower’s opening day. You are here because of the fragrance. Don’t force your way in. Here, let me first tell you that our building is three and a half storey tall. The first floor is for the masses, containing medicinal pills, elixirs, and medicinal powders. The second floor has more rare and precious things. In addition to gold coins, there must be medicines with the equivalent value for exchange in order to buy the medicinal pills on the second floor. As for other things, I will not say much about it here. The rules of our Heavenly Pill Tower are written on the walls. You can see more when you go in. ”

“In addition, I would like to make it clear that nobody should make a commotion or trouble inside. Otherwise, we will send you out and put you on the blacklist, never enter the building for half a step!”

As soon as Du Fan finished his speech, the crowd was astonished. Why were these people making it so severe?

At this time, firecrackers were thrown from the second floor while Leng Hua lit the fireworks below. For a short while, the loud popping and crackling noise accompanied by sprinkles of red papers and waves of light smoke came from above. It was a pretty sight.

Just as the firecrackers sound started, the red silk covering the three characters of Heavenly Pill Tower was also uncovered, revealing the magnificent three characters and the huge rosewood plaque.

“Come in, everyone!”

With Du Fan and Leng Hua’s invitation to come in, the people outside finally rushed in excitedly. As soon as they entered inside, they spontaneously turned quiet.

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