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Chapter 1957: Startling the Entire City

“I know where this scent comes from!”

The loud and very enthusiastic voice drew everyone’s attention. They looked towards the voice and saw the chubby Yang Xiao Er, garbed in a light green dress, stood on the carriage and shouted excitedly. “This medicinal fragrance is coming from the Heavenly Pill Tower in the inner street of West City!”

“The inner street of West City? How’s that possible? Those two street blocks are completely vacant. The shops there are owned by the Yang Family and have never been rented out.”

“Yes! There are no vendors setting up stalls in the inner street of West City. How can something called Heavenly Pill Tower exist?”

“Indeed, I have never heard of it! I rarely go that side because it’s deserted.”

When she heard the crowd’s comments, Yang Xiao Er stood with her arms akimbo. “What do you call a deserted place? Since you don’t know, go there and take a look. The Heavenly Pill Tower is open today. They sell magic elixirs! The inner street, which was originally vacant, was already full of vendors setting up stalls early this morning, and you don’t even know it! ”

Before getting over their previous shock, now they received another surprise! After the discussion, they simultaneously headed towards the inner street of West City, intending to have a look.

Seeing everyone rushing towards the inner street of West City, Yang Xiao Er turned around and lifted up the curtain of the carriage with a chuckle. “Father, look, Sister Feng has a way, right? Watch, people all over the city are flocking to the Heavenly Pill Tower. It seems that their business will be very good today. ”

Patriarch Yang sat in the carriage with a pensive look on his face. He only responded to his daughter’s remark with, “Why don’t you get the carriage moving quickly? How long are you going to hang around here?”

He was also surprised. The city was filled with the unique and peculiar fragrance overnight, startling everyone in the Hundred Rivers City. Since he had his subordinates to be on the alert, he already knew before going to the Heavenly Pill Tower himself. Due to the dispersed fragrance, the inner street was already overcrowded with stalls.

“Yes, right away!” Yang Xiao Er hurried into the carriage and asked the coachman to drive quickly.

In another part of the city, those in the Alchemy Guild were all amazed.

“I have never heard of such a strange fragrance with such a unique scent and lasts for a long time. Those who smelled it were refreshed and invigorated. Even I can’t refine such a medicinal fragrance.”

The speaker was the President of the Alchemy Guild. Because this peculiar incense startled the whole city, even alarmed him who was in seclusion. After close scrutiny, they found out about the Heavenly Pill Tower. He made a decision after much deliberation.

“Why don’t we do this, let’s bring the gift and go to congratulate him. We’ll also use this occasion to see what kind of person the Heavenly Pill Tower’s master is.” The President said, indicating to the several alchemists under him to prepare quickly.

The people looked at each other after they heard this proposal. The Vice President hesitated. “President, I’m afraid it’s not a good idea. As soon as the Heavenly Pill Tower opened for business, it created such a commotion. It robbed our Alchemy Guild’s glorious prestige. If we come to their door with a congratulatory gift, won’t people think that our Alchemy Guild is not as good as the Heavenly Pill Tower?”

“What is there to argue about? There are many capable people in the world. This alchemist can produce such wonderful incense, he must be an alchemy genius. We do not need to worry so much. Hurry up and prepare, the gift can’t be shabby. ” He waved them away.

Seeing this, everyone didn’t make further arguments. They prepared everything quickly and went with him to the Heavenly Pill Tower on the inner street of West City.

At the same time, the inner street of West City was already crowded with people, but the gate of the Heavenly Pill Tower had not yet been opened…

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