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Chapter 1922: Waiting For Someone

“Hmph? So what? Let’s take the things from her body first then after we kill her we will find a place to dump her body. Who will know that it was us?” One of the men said fiercely as he stared at the chubby girl’s belongings.

“Look at the things on her body, they’re all treasures. Patriarch Yang loves this daughter the most, naturally, she will surely have a lot of good things on her body.”

The man smiled surly and said to the people around him: “Go and guard the alley and make sure no one comes in to spoil things for us!”

“What things can you do in bright daylight?” Feng Jiu dressed as an old woman walked in with a cane in her hand, her voice old and hoarse. As soon as she appeared, the men laughed.

“I wondered who it was! It’s just an old woman! Maybe she wants to die? Kill her!” ONe of the men said in a sinister voice and ordered the people around him.

When the chubby girl on the ground saw Feng Jiu had returned, surprise and joy appeared in her eyes. She secretly used her spiritual energy to unblock the acupuncture points, hoping that she could unblock them as soon as possible.

“I feel like I’m dirtying my hands killing you and I still have to deal with your corpses.” Feng Jiu stood there but didn’t move. Instead, she called out: “Cloud Devouring.”

As soon as she had spoken, a ray of light flashed, then Cloud Devouring jumped out of space and pounced directly onto one of the men and snapped his neck with one bite.

“Crack! Ah!”

The sounds of bones cracking could be heard as the man screamed and the smell of blood spread. At the sight of the bloody scene and Cloud Devouring’s ferocious aura and coercion, the other men were so frightened that they slumped to the ground and urinated in their pants.

“Super, super sacred beast!”

Those men were unable to run, their complexions had paled and they lost the strength to escape under the powerful pressure. Just as those men had collapsed, Cloud Devouring rushed forward and snapped their necks. After a short while, the whole alley was filled with a strong scent of blood…

After the time it took to burn a stick of incense, Feng Jiu stepped out onto the busy street. When she looked back and saw the chubby girl following her with a bright smile, she couldn’t help but sighed helplessly and stopped.

“How long do you intend to follow me? Haven’t I already told you? I’m a girl, not a boy.”

The place was filled with the scent of blood, coupled with Cloud Devouring’s ferocity, she thought that the chubby girl would be scared and would run away quickly. However, she followed her closely instead and stared at her with a smile constantly. That look, that expression really made her speechless.

“I know! But you haven’t told me your name yet! If you leave, where will I go to look for you to play in the future?” Yang Xiao’er followed quickly and asked.

Feng Jiu glanced at her and asked: “Where is the Nalan Mansion?”

“Nalan Mansion?” Yang Xiao’er’s dark eyes turned towards her. She looked at her and asked: “Are you from the Nalan Family?” She added: “I know where it is, I will take you.”

Just as the two of them were making their way to the Nalan Mansion, the atmosphere in the Nalan Mansion was also quite curious.

In the main hall of the Nalan Mansion.

Patriarch Nalan looked at the black robed man who was sitting there drinking tea. He had not spoken since he had entered his house. He couldn’t help but find it strange. He didn’t even know who this black-robed man was. All he knew was that this man had come to his house and said he was waiting for someone. He had been sitting there ever since.

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