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Chapter 1921: Precious Treasure

“Come here! Take this old woman to the medical hall in the city, then ask Doctor Hong to look at her injuries…” Before he could finish speaking, he was stunned watching his own daughter’s actions.

“Father, don’t bother, I will carry Granny myself. I bumped into her, I should take responsibility for her.” The chubby girl bent down with her back towards Feng Jiu without saying another word. Before Feng Jiu could react, she had already picked her up and put her on her back then started running towards the medical hall.

Feng Jiu was dumbfounded at being carried by a girl who was running. What was going on here?

She looked down at the chubby girl and had a thought. She then said: “Chubby girl, put me down, I’m not hurt.”

“No, everyone who has been squashed by me will definitely get hurt. I’m afraid you might have a broken rib, you need to get checked.” The chubby girl said. Although she was carrying someone on her back, she was still walking at a very fast pace.

As she watched the chubby girl carrying her on her back and walking through the streets at a quick pace, all the while, her breath remained steady, her eyes flashed and she sized the girl up. When she noticed that the chubby girl seemed to have a good cultivation base, she couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“Did you get married today?” The chubby girl was still wearing her wedding gown!

“It was a marriage arranged by my father. I thought since the guy from the Ruan Family is quite good looking, I would just marry him. Who knew, he ran away. But it’s alright, I met a nice Little Brother earlier. I was just looking for him then, did you see him Granny? He was wearing azure robes and is quite good looking too.”

The corners of Feng Jiu’s mouth twitched: “No, I haven’t seen him.”

“He must be a foreigner, he doesn’t look like someone from our city. I would have known who he was if he was from our city.”

As she spoke, she turned into an alley, but her body stiffened suddenly and she fell down.

Feng Jiu leapt off her back and patted the chubby girl who was staring at her with widened eyes in shock and smiled: “Till we meet again little girl. Your acupuncture point will unblock after a while.” As soon as she had spoken, she hummed a tune then turned and walked away.

However, not long after she had walked out of the alley, while she was looking at some things on the street, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a few casual cultivators walking with their arms around each other’s shoulders towards the alley with big smiles on their faces. She couldn’t help but pause as she was about to leave, and her eyebrows furrowed.

The chubby girl’s acupuncture point wouldn’t be unblocked yet, and those few people didn’t look like decent men either. If they walked into the alley and saw the chubby girl on the ground…

When she thought of this, she walked towards the alley. If the chubby girl were to be harmed by accident because of her, her conscience would be at unease.

At this moment, just as Feng Jiu had guessed, the men who walked into the alley with their arms hooked over each other’s shoulders couldn’t help but laugh when they saw the chubby girl who had fallen onto the ground.

“Look, there is a woman here, and still in her wedding gown too. Does she want us to be the bridegroom? Hahahaha!”

“This woman is like the moon on the Fifteenth of August, her whole body is round, what’s good about her? On the contrary, the things on her body should be worth quite a lot of money. The jade pendant on her waistband alone is probably enough for us to eat and drink for a few months.”

“No, why does this woman look so familiar?” A man leaned forward and looked at the chubby girl staring at them. He patted his head suddenly: “Ah! I remember now, isn’t she the Yang Family’s second daughter? She is Patriarch Yang’s precious treasure.”

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