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Chapter 1890: Payment Needed

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Due to the fact that Zhuo Junyue had been drugged, even though he was already sitting in a bathtub of cold water, his whole body was still extremely hot. At this point, when he felt the young boy’s fingers on his wrist, he felt a cold sensation coming from his fingers that made him shudder involuntarily and then his body felt refreshed immediately.

However, at the next moment, those fingers left his wrist and he looked up just in time to meet the teasing eyes of the young boy. His heart jumped involuntarily, as if he had been exposed. It made him feel ashamed and he lowered his eyes uncomfortably.

“How is he? Can you detoxify the drug?” Sage Hun Yuan asked when he saw the young boy hadn’t spoken. Perhaps it was because he could tell that this young boy was different from ordinary people, hence, he had a glimmer of hope in his heart.

“Do you have anything valuable?” Feng Jiu looked back at Sage Hun Yuan and asked.


Sage Hun Yuan was dumbstruck for a moment, then he nodded and said: “Yes! How can I not have anything valuable? You can have any treasure you want.” His eyes glinted and he smiled: “So, you have a solution?”

“Yes!” Feng Jiu nodded. She stretched her hand out and said with a smile: “But I will need to get paid.”

“Hey, that’s not a problem. Even if you don’t want any of my treasures, this kid comes from a wealthy family so he will surely be able to offer you one or two items.” Sage Hun Yuan said hurriedly: “Well, hurry up then, how can you detoxify the drug? Do it as soon as possible so that he doesn’t suffer anymore.”

“Alright, anyone unrelated leave the room.” Feng Jiu gestured and looked at the people at the side.

When Sage Hun Yuan heard this, he turned around quickly and said to everyone: “Everyone, please go out first.”

 “Senior Hun Yuan, I’m afraid this youth might not have the ability to detoxify the effects of the drug. In my opinion, it would be better to make a trip to the Physician’s Guild as soon as possible so as not to delay any opportunity.” The elder said. He felt that the young boy wouldn’t be able to detoxify the effects of the drug. After all, he looked so young, and the drugs from the Silk Tree Sect were not so easy to resolve.

“It’s alright, I know what I’m doing. All of you go out first.” After Sage Hun Yuan drove the people out of the room, he locked the door and walked back inside.

“Take off your clothes!” Feng Jiu took out her silver needles and placed them on a table she had pulled a table across.

When Zhou Junyue heard this, he paused briefly before he took his shirt off. They were all men, hence, they shouldn’t have to think twice about it. Not to mention taking his shirt off, it wouldn’t matter even if he had to take his trousers off. The most important matter at hand was to detoxify the effects of the ecstasy drug in his body.

Feng Jiu picked up a silver needle and pierced it into his body. She appeared to be piercing the needles at random and Sage Hun Yuan who was standing at the side watching felt his heart tighten because if there was any error in the placement of each needle, it would be life-threatening.

“Old man, have someone bring some ice cubes and add it into the water.” Feng Jiu instructed without lifting her head. Her hands were busy as well. After a while, the man’s back was covered in over a dozen silver needles.

When Sage Hun Yuan was called old man by the young rascal, it angered him at first. He was a well-known figure after all, this young boy was so ignorant that he would order him about, he was really too bold!

However, for Zhuo Junyue’s sake, he took a deep breath then turned around and walked out. When he was outside, he instructed the waiter to bring a bucket of ice cubes.

When the ice cubes were poured into the bathtub, the needles in the man’s back plunged further into his body one by one. Whether it was the stimulation of the acupoints, or the shock of the ice water, Zhuo Junyue took a deep breath and fainted.

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