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Chapter 1891: Disdain

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“Hey, what, what’s going on? Why did he faint?” Sage Hun Yuan asked anxiously.

Feng Jiu glanced at him and said: ” Don’t worry, he won’t die.” Feng Jiu turned the silver needle slowly and a trace of spiritual energy was infused into the man’s body through the silver needle. A light puff of smoke seemed to seep out of the top of the man’s head. As the smoke continued to seep out, his previously flushed face gradually returned to normal.

When he saw this, Sage Hun Yuan let out a sigh of relief. He looked at Feng Jiu and sized her up once again and thought to himself: This youth in azure robes has some skills after all. The elder couldn’t even detoxify the effects of the drug and yet he has been able to do so.

At this time outside, the few people had gathered around and stood together talking.

“I didn’t expect to meet Sage Hun Yuan from the Nebula Immortal Sect here. If I can get his recommendation for our descendents to enter the Nebula Immortal Sect, then it would be a great blessing for our family clan.”

“How can it be that easy? Nebula Immortal Sect and the three other immortal sects belong to the four great sects, therefore, the recruitment of its disciples is extremely demanding. The two younger generations of my family have been for three consecutive years and still not been admitted into the four great sects. We didn’t really help today either, so I doubt Sage Hun Yuan will do us any favors.”

“But, who is that man? Could he be a descendant of Sage Hun Yuan’s family clan?”

“I doubt it.”

“And that youth, he came out of nowhere. I think that Sage Hun Yuan has taken notice of him.” Another person said as he looked at the closed door and sighed.

It was a rare opportunity to have been able to meet Sage Hun Yuan of the Nebula Sect, if he could give them a letter of recommendation, they might be able to bring one or two of their descendants into the sect. Their family clan would be able to rise with the tide if that happened.

After the time of about a stick of incense, everyone heard voices drift out from the private room. Because the voices were quite loud, they heard every word clearly. They looked at each other and listened attentively.

Inside the private room, Feng Jiu looked at the items on the table in disdain: “Really? That’s all? They don’t look like they’re worth much!” She picked up a magical weapon and looked at it, then said: “Are you sure you didn’t get this from someone else? Look at all this, none of them are acceptable at all.”

The table was a mess, there were jeweled daggers, flying magical artifacts and some defensive magical weapons. Maybe some people would regard these as treasures, however, they were all ordinary and nothing took her fancy.

“Do you not like any of these?” The old man stared wide-eyed, his eyebrows furrowed and he picked up a magical weapon: “Look at this, I got this from a Celestial Strong Exponent. It can withstand the attack of several strong exponents. And this is a flying magical artifact, its speed is exceptional. And these, these are all quite good.”

Feng Jiu glanced at them and said: “I don’t like any of them, these are all worthless. They are neither good looking nor useful. If I want any of these things, I can get more than what you have.”

“Kid, why are you so picky? Tell me then, what do you want?” The old man sat down by the table and asked.

Her lips twitched and she glanced at him: “It must be a good thing! After all, I saved a man’s life! If I didn’t find you, one old and one young interesting, I wouldn’t have bothered to treat him.”

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