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Chapter 1875: A raging flame mind warfare

After reaching the place where those shadow disciples were, she took a glance at them and handed the note to the First. Then, she walked a few steps forward and stopped to watch a middle-aged man instructing them.

She released her divine sense and realized that no strong exponents were staring at her from their hidden place other than some dark guards. Her gaze swept over all the shadow disciples. She signalled them with a glance so that they moved closer to the middle.

“You all…ugh!”

As soon as he started speaking, the middle-aged man’s eyes widened and his body fell quietly to the ground.

“Bi San.” She called out.

“Present.” Bi San responded in a low voice and came to Feng Jiu.

“After dealing with this man, swap your identity with his, so it’s convenient for us.” Feng Jiu ordered. She handed him a medicine bottle to Bi San. “Go to the water source.”

“Yes.” Bi San took the item and helped the person to leave.

Feng Jiu looked at the crowd and spoke with a low voice. “Keep your spirits up. We’ll take action tomorrow night at the latest.”

The crowd didn’t answer, but they only nodded and went their separate ways quickly. She turned around and left. With a sweep of her eyes, she observed that the dark guards some distance away hadn’t taken notice of the movements here.

Not long after returning to the palace, the black robed man came back. After entering, he looked into the Ninth’s hidden place and called out, “The Ninth.”

“Subordinate is here.” She lowered her head and came out.

“After I left, have you been here all the time?” He stared at the young man.

“Answering Master, no. Subordinate took a walk while going out to relieve himself.” She said truthfully, believing that even if she didn’t say it, he would know where she went.

Perhaps it was because Feng Jiu made no attempts to conceal anything that the black robed man had no suspicions. He nodded and stopped asking questions.

The next evening, a middle-aged man came to the palace with sweat on his forehead. “Master, it’s bad. Something happened.”

“Speak.” The man sitting on the main seat glanced at the man below.

“Many people have had problems since noon. They lost consciousness and foamed at the mouths. Upon investigation, they were poisoned. I’m afraid someone may have sneaked in, because Subordinate checked the water source and found out that someone has poisoned our water.” The middle-aged man spoke anxiously. He was so scared and wiped his sweat from time to time.

Hearing this, the black robed man frowned and a cold glint flashed in his eyes. “This is the main palace of the Shadow Night Palace. How can anyone sneak in? Moreover, it was done in total silence?”

“Young Master, it’s bad! The West Palace is on fire! Other palaces are also in flames! The fire was so big that it got out of hand!” The old man came in and shouted in panic.

Hearing this, the black robed man stood up with a whoosh and walked outside. As soon as he stepped out of the palace, he saw smoke and flames everywhere in the palace below. The sound of chaos also spread in the air.

“Investigate for me! Who on earth got in here!” He said in a gloomy voice. Suddenly, as if he thought of something, his gaze shrank. He abruptly turned his head towards the back.

The old man had no idea what he was looking for and opened his mouth to ask. “Young Master, what’s the matter? What are you trying to find?”

The black robed man stared at the empty hidden place with bloodthirsty eyes. The young man who stood there earlier had vanished without anyone noticing…

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