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Chapter 1874: Covert Operation

The black robed man didn’t question her anymore. After a quiet glance at the young man, the black robed man waved her to retreat.

Feng Jiu didn’t return to her previous position on the top of the column but instead stood at the back. In complete silence, she gathered her breath. Today, nothing else happened aside from this meeting.

When the evening came, the black robed man took the old man with him to leave the palace. Feng Jiu remained at the palace. Only then did Feng Jiu had the time to move around. Although she didn’t follow the black robed man, she didn’t leave immediately.

After all, there were still many pairs of eyes staring at her secretly and she couldn’t afford to be careless. Although she didn’t walk around alone in the past two days, she went to a lot of places with the black robed man and she was familiar with the situation inside.

Taking advantage of the bathroom time, she walked around for a while and met several shadow disciples who left in groups. Since she didn’t wear a mask, they recognized her. When she passed by, Lei Xiao moved his hand slightly and handed the item hidden in his sleeve to Feng Jiu, then continued walking without even turning towards her.

With a move of her hand, Feng Jiu put the thing inside her space and stepped away. When she reached a place with no one else around, she took it out and saw a map of this place.

Have they left this place already? In two days, they have even managed to draw the map?

She had an idea. She took a pen and paper from the space, jotted the note down, and put it away. She’s waiting for the right opportunity to hand it over to them. After that, she walked outside and took a look around the place.

In another place, the black robed man looked at the old man and asked, “What do you think of the Ninth?”

The old man was surprised at his question. It’s not the first time the black robed man asked. He couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master, is something wrong?”

“I think something’s strange. Since he’s already taken the Heart-Scattering Pill, I shouldn’t doubt him. However, I have a feeling that the Ninth is different from others.” The black robed man was deep in thought, unable to tell what’s different about her.

“Haha, the Ninth was originally said to be the weakest, but he is also extraordinary. I heard Ghost Elder disliked him, so he released his contract beast with the intent to tear up the Ninth. Unexpectedly, the Ninth ran at full speed with a pair of flying boots and survived from the Ghost Elder’s contract beast.”

The old man smiled. “It was for this exact reason that the Ninth was kept. According to our people, he personally saw every shadow disciple take the Heart-Scattering Pill. If Young Master has doubts, even those from the four great immortal sects may not be able to solve the Heart-Scattering Pill’s poison. So…”

He didn’t go on, implying that, even if he was suspicious, those suspected to be disloyal would be unable to do anything due to the effect of the Heart-Scattering Pill’s poison.

“That’s right.”

The black robed man remarked. He apparently didn’t take this matter to heart. He did things as his heart wished. Since he thought the young man was interesting, he brought him around to tease him. Even if he was disloyal, what would he do? Since he’s under his control, it’s impossible for him to overturn the sky.

However, he had no idea that his overconfidence would result in disastrous losses soon…

Feng Jiu wandered about aimlessly and came to the place where the shadow disciples gathered. When she saw them training, he stepped towards them with a glimmer in her eyes.

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