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Chapter 1855: Heavenly Sun Immortal Sect’s Song Ming

After Feng Jiu’s departure, they had entered the Sects of the Eight Supreme Empires under the arrangements of their families. Not long after that, during the selection tournament, they were chosen to enter the Four Great Immortal Sects of the upper reaches of the mainland. After they had been accepted into the Sects, they were ordered to go into seclusion to cultivate. They were oblivious to everything that had been happening on the outside, but he hadn’t expected to receive this news today when he had just come out of seclusion.

He looked at the thick stack of letters in his hand and walked over to the stone table outside his cave dwelling and sat down. He read each letter one by one, and from his initial shock at reading the first letter to the strong exhalation at the last letter, his heart raced and finally, he put down the stack of letters.

Even though the Phoenix Empire had been destroyed, as long as Feng Jiu was fine, everything else didn’t matter. She would be able to rebuild the Phoenix Empire easily with her strength.

However, judging from the news he had just read, the major families had abolished the empire system after the destruction of the Phoenix Empire. That wasn’t a bad thing, after all, it would have been impossible for someone with her abilities to stay in such a small empire forever.

If he had received this news, he was sure that Luo Fei and the others would have received the news too. Originally, their strength was comparable with each other. However, since they have each entered the Four Great Immortal Sects separately, he wondered what strength the others were at now.

“Investigate further, I want to know her current whereabouts.” Duan Ye kept the letters and dismissed the black robed young boy.

“Yes.” The black robed young boy responded and retreated.

Three months later.

A thunderous sound rang suddenly through the skies of the Heavenly Sun Immortal Sect, one of the Four Great Immortal Sects. Immediately afterwards, three strikes of lightning fell from the sky to a mountain below. Each lightning tribulation brought with it a powerful shock and attracted everyone in the Heavenly Sun Immortal Sect to come out to watch.

“Look, it’s coming from Green Bamboo Peak, someone is advancing!”

“Ordinary advancing won’t attract the lightning tribulation, it must be at least a Golden Core cultivator advancing to the Nascent Soul stage.”

“The three lightning tribulations have passed, look at the clouds on Green Bamboo Peak!”

A seven coloured rainbow could be seen among the mountain peaks. The clouds were like a five-coloured clothes floating on the mountain peak, there seemed to be celestial music coming from there faintly…

“I heard that in the past few months, Jade Cloud Immortal Sect and the other two sects have had disciples go into seclusion, and they have entered the Nascent Soul stage. At that time, the skies were also filled with colour and it was truly eye-catching. It is said that the disciple that had advanced was selected from one of the sects of the Eight Supreme Empires.”

“Could it be Senior Brother Song who has the chance of advancing in Green Bamboo Peak?”

“It should be, Senior Brother Song has won the praises of even the Sect Master. Although he is seldom seen, however, he has already been called a rare genius in our sect and his future is boundless.”

As the discussion amongst the people continued, the people within the Green Bamboo Peak were also elated, especially the Green Bamboo Peak Master who nodded in relief after he had seen the clouds in the sky.

He knew that his prized disciple was not just a fish in the pond, and in time, he would no doubt become the pillar of their sect.

The clouds in the sky dispersed after about an hour. And after the clouds had dissipated, the door to one of the cave dwellings in Green Bamboo Peak opened. When Song Ming walked out wearing the sect’s robes, he saw his Master standing outside the cave dwelling.

“Disciple greets Master.” He stepped forward and bowed respectfully: “Disciple has lived up to Master’s expectations and already entered the middle-stage of Nascent Soul.”

Upon hearing this, the Green Bamboo Peak Master was startled, and laughed loudly.

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