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Chapter 1854: Jade Cloud Immortal Sect’s Duan Ye

“That is strange, if that woman is indeed the Phoenix Star, then why is Nalan Mo Chen nowhere to be found?” Xuwu Immortal Lord pondered, then asked: “Has Old Man Tianji revealed any news?”

“Hahaha, don’t you already know Senior Brother, that unless Old Man Tianji wishes to reveal any news, his lips remain sealed and it’s useless to ask him? The Heavenly Sun Sect had sent men all the way to the Sky Mountain to enquire. In the end, he still never revealed anything.”

The elder chuckled and shook his head: “I think that this matter would be best to go with the flow, and when the time comes, maybe we don’t have to look and the Phoenix Star will appear.”

The voices of the two men gradually became softer until Feng Ye, who had been practicing his sword techniques, couldn’t hear them anymore. His sharp eyes turned and when he saw that the two men had gone quite far away, he stopped practising.

“Sunny…Sunny, Master has left.” Feng Ye said clingingly in a low voice with excitement.

Sunny stopped and glanced at the spot where the two men had been standing originally, then he looked at Feng Ye and said methodically: “We still have to practice sword techniques.”

Ever since they had met with danger, he knew that he had to practice hard in order to be able to protect the people he wanted to protect. Therefore, during his days here, whatever his Master had taught him, he had learnt and was never once lazy.

“But Sunny, I miss Father and Mother.”

The little guy’s mouth pouted and his bright eyes became teary all of a sudden, like a pitiful puppy: “It’s been so long since Father and Mother have seen me, they must miss me very much. I miss them a lot too, I really miss them a lot.”

Sunny looked at him and pondered, then he said: “Master said that when we are older and can protect ourselves we can leave the mountain.”

“Then how old do we have to be for us to be older? Do I have to wait till I am as tall as my Elder Brother?” The little guy stretched his hands out and gestured as he raised one hand high up, trying to describe Feng Xiao’s height. Because of his short stature, he was only able to make gestures.

“In addition to growing up, you also have to be formidable. If you can be as formidable as Elder Sister Feng Jiu, then you can leave the mountain before you even grow up.” Sunny replied, as he thought of the most formidable person he knew, Feng Jiu.

In his opinion, no one was as formidable as her.

“Do you mean the girl I have to call my niece, Little Jiu Jiu?” Little Feng Ye’s attention shifted suddenly. He was most curious about this niece whom he didn’t know, she was older than him and yet a generation younger than him. Unfortunately, he didn’t even know what she looked like.

“Well, Elder Sister Feng Jiu is very powerful.” Sunny nodded his head. Whenever he spoke of Feng Jiu, the expression on his face was different, his eyes glimmered with respect and awe.

“Sunny, why don’t you tell me more about Little Jiu Jiu! I want to know.” He pulled on Sunny’s sleeves, his clingy voice full of curiosity.

“First, we practice our sword techniques. After that, I will tell you all about her.” Sunny said and stepped back into stance.

Upon seeing this, Little Feng Ye could only respond and continued practicing with his wooden sword. He had made up his mind secretly that he would practice hard so that he could go down the mountain as soon as possible to look for his father and mother.

At the same time, on another mountain peak of Jade Cloud Immortal Sect, Duan Ye, who had been in seclusion, had just walked out of his cave dwelling when a man in black appeared in front of him.

“Master, this is news from the other side.”

Duan Ye took the letter and looked at it, his expression changed slightly and there was a trace of shock in his voice: “So much has happened during this time?”

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